Wifi 5 V.S Wifi 6: Can I Upgrade?

Wifi 5 V.S Wifi 6: Can I Upgrade?

Wifi 5 V.S Wifi 6: Can I Upgrade?

Why should I upgrade?

WiFi 6 technology addresses many pain-points and issues that previous WiFi 5 has with statistics to back it up.
If you are wondering why you should upgrade to the latest WiFi 6, you should expect the following:

Improved data transfer speed

Increasingly powerful chips used to encode and decode signals allow more data.
This allows devices to achieve up to 40% faster data transfer on
According to the numbers, is capable of achieving 9.6 Gbps, compared to 3.5 Gbps on WiFi 5.

Longer battery life

Battery life is extended through a feature known as target wake time (TWT).  This helps conserve power as your device has a better sleep mode cycle detection. Allowing it to only wake-up when needed and to return to sleep mode quickly when not in use.

Better performance during high traffic or usage.

WiFi performance and capability is usually greatly impacted depending on the congestion and traffic it has to handle at any given amount of time. It utilizes new technologies to increase the efficiency by minimizing the problems of network congestion. Allowing more users to connect to the same network resulting in better performance in situations where many users are attempting to access the network.

What should I know before I upgrade to Wifi 6?

Having your devices be WiFi 6 ready does not mean it will automatically be on the newest technology.
It is important to note that you will need to have a router that is already running on WiFi 6.
Supported devices should be indicated with 802.11ax labeled on it.

It is good to make sure that your internet service provider confirms that you are already WiFi 6 ready or if you are able to upgrade to a router that is.
Here are some of the recommended routers that supports WiFi 6.

  • Wi-Fi 5 is also known as 802.11ac, released in 2014.
  • Wi-Fi 6 is  also known as 802.11ax. It was released in 2019.

How do I upgrade to WiFi 6?

Our team at Budget PC has dedicated professionals who are experts in the field to assist in providing a hassle-free experience in upgrading of your units to WiFi 6.
Contact us by clicking on any of the buttons below or simply walk-in to any of our 4 outlets located island-wide today!

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