COVID 19: How to disinfect your laptop and computers?

COVID 19: How to disinfect your laptop and computers?

COVID 19: How to disinfect your laptop and computers?

As most of us are still active and working, how do you stay safe during this period of time? How do you protect yourself and your loved ones at home? Disinfect yourself and provide a clean environment for those living with you.

How long can this virus stay on surfaces?

This virus is primarily spread from cough, sneezes or even respiratory behavior. The particles have an optimum temperature and humidity to live. It will vary between 3 hours to 7 days on surfaces. So what is the minimum and maximum range? A research concluded that at 32 degrees C, and 65% relative humidity, it will at least live for 3 hours. Under the same conditions, the virus lived on stainless steel and plastic for 7 days. So, it is important to disinfect your devices as most of your daily devices are primarily using such materials.

How to clean, disinfect and protect yourself?

Before you step outside, make some preparations.

70% isopropyl alcohol.
Disinfecting wet wipe.
Hand sanitizer
Dry tissues

When you first step home, remove shoes and drop your items on side and do not bring into your room/closet. Take 10-15 minutes to clean every item.

Use the Disinfecting wet wipes to wipe down your bags, shoes and jewelry. Be sure to not use the same side/ same piece to wipe multiple items (e.g. Rings, watches, necklace, and wallet). Do not allow cross contamination between your belongings.

Use alcohol to clean your devices (e.g. Smartphone, laptop, earpiece, mouse) Be sure to power off the devices before you wipe. Spread a generous amount of alcohol on the dry tissue and begin wiping down. Remember to be thorough to clean the switch, ports, keypad, buttons and casings.

Lastly, once every item is disinfected, use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands before you proceed into your rooms.

  • What are the things you should avoid?
  • A soaking/dripping wet towel or cloth when wiping down electronic devices.
  • Soap or detergent for screens and electronics.
  • High amount of pressure to clean and wipe.
  • Sharp objects to scrape water/liquids off.

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