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Common Desktop Problems

• This usually mean a serious issue with the computer and likely it means a driver or hard drive failure. To determine the fault, our professional technician we need to diagnose the fault
• When you are unable to power on the desktop after multiple tries of pressing the button, likely it will mean a power supply issue. At times, this happen when there is a power trip at home
• You may have downloaded a file from a website that results in malware on your computer. This could damage your files or even slow down your computer. We can scan the malware and earse for you
• This could mean an operating system issues or a hard drive fault. If you did not shut down your computer correctly mutlitple times, this could cause bad sectors on the hard drive as well.
• This could be your internet service provider issue, DNS servers you connected to or hardware issue like your routers, modem or wifi card issue. At times, it could be software corruptions issues
• The sounds you hear may be clicking sounds from a hard drive disc or some distinct noise from the cooling fans when they spins. Not to forget the fan from the graphics cards when they heated up. Usually they tend to make strange noise as they begin to age.
• A black screen with cursor after you login or black screen with backlight is a common issue when you try rebooting computers after upgrading a Windows. This could be operating system issue when the Windows upgrade is not done properly.
• The power switch is blinking but the display is black. This could be graphic card issues, from a loose cable or faulty VGA / HDMI cables. At times, it could your own monitor issues


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Reviews on our laptop repair shop in Singapore

Hear what our customers have to say about us
Brandon 57
Brandon 57
12:19 08 Jun 24
Horrible service, Don't fix at Volta! The touch bar does not properly light up even after they claimed to have fixed. And the touch pad is also not functioning properly. Do not go to this scamming Volta store to fix. Also this stupid ugly employee... is extremely rude and kept interrupting when I was trying to explaining to that idiot. That stupid ugly employee looks like a mentally retarded nerd wearing spectacles and is more
Christopher Khor
Christopher Khor
09:52 08 Jun 24
Very efficient, professional and friendly.
Joe Goh
Joe Goh
01:35 31 May 24
Professional, meticulous and steady in their response. Thank you for resurrecting my laptop where other vendors have claimed impossible. This at a transparent costing approach.
Syed Muslimin
Syed Muslimin
04:03 27 May 24
Very friendly staff and quick responses. Laptop was fixed in no time, affordable too!
Peter Yik
Peter Yik
14:47 23 May 24
Efficient. Customer friendly. Analytical problem solving.
Augustine Toh
Augustine Toh
11:47 23 May 24
Sent my laptop to upgrade from disk drive to solid state drive including backup.The staff patiently explained the procedures to me and the whole process was completed in 3 hours.Laptop was recovered and is working fine so far.
Yugan Chithiraputhiran
Yugan Chithiraputhiran
10:10 11 May 24
I had my battery replaced with Volta PC Upgrade Tai Seng. Very professional service. Contacted them via WhatsApp; they arranged for the parts to reach the shop and notified me. I went there and got the battery replaced in 30 min. I would recommend... them😀read more
Anna Fodx
Anna Fodx
06:03 05 May 24
Bad choice. Cheater. Watse time . Watse money. Fake review . All fake review comment. Please dont trust in
Laugh Together Hahahahaha
Laugh Together Hahahahaha
13:05 25 Apr 24
hey guys Thanks and see you againBTW you are people is amazinggreat services. great experience and great deal I love it 😍
07:05 21 Apr 24
Came to replace battery for laptop.Fast response and good service rendered.
Shi Hua (shihua)
Shi Hua (shihua)
05:46 17 Apr 24
I have issues with my laptop screen. Found a laptop repair shop near me (best laptop repair shop!) and my laptop screen replacement was repair very quickly. Communication is very prompt and the techinican ( Sorry, I didn't get his name ) is very... patient in answering my question They diagnose very fast and Price is reasonable too. Finally I have my laptop screen back. Hopefully my kids will not crack my laptop screen again. Thank you Volta PC and teamread more
momopeach s
momopeach s
08:47 16 Apr 24
Very satisfied with Volta PC laptop repair service. One of the best laptop repair service I've usedReplaced my dell laptop with a new battery and also a laptop screen replacement there. They checked my laptop screen and battery to ensure parts is... compatible. Also, they have gone the extra mile to clean my laptop and did a thermal pasting for free. They also provide me with a 6 months warranty. Better warranty than other laptop repair shops near me. Recommended this place if you are looking to repair your laptopread more
John Lee
John Lee
02:07 26 Mar 24
Chee W.X.
Chee W.X.
04:07 24 Mar 24
Upon clear communication via WhatsApp to clarify part's arrival date and cost, I visited their Taiseng branch.They helped replacing my laptop's bloated battery, noted that my laptop has stripped screws issue at the back panel, and yet they complete... the repair super fast!! Communication is prompt and pricing is transparent, the staff is friendly and they clearly know their stuff and I would recommend anyone to use their services!read more
persley goh
persley goh
05:43 11 Mar 24
Pleasant experience, excellent and speedy service.
Rodney Wee
Rodney Wee
04:45 11 Mar 24
Customer service was fast, efficient and professional...keeping me informed of progress.
13:11 04 Mar 24
Good and affordable service!
Nur Hamizah Mimi
Nur Hamizah Mimi
09:57 04 Mar 24
Darren Chan Wai Hon
Darren Chan Wai Hon
21:27 03 Mar 24
I sent my laptop for repair on the mainboard on a Sunday morning. They mentioned that repair would take 10 - 14 working days for the repair of my laptop's mainboard due to the availability of the spare parts. But I was surprised that they took... around 3 days to complete the repair as well and they also notified me that my other parts laptop was deteriorating and recommended for replacement (depending individual). Overall, it is a very good experience and the repair is very satisfied which worth the cost of more
05:14 21 Feb 24
Amazing experience. Technician gave the best advice to repair according to budget. Surprisingly quicker than expected repair completed. Highly recommend. Excellent customer service. 10/10
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David Yap
David Yap
13:53 21 Jun 24
Sent to this shop to replace my keyboard. Now my laptop got second life and works like new, I save money from buying new laptop.
Eng Lum Kan
Eng Lum Kan
05:15 24 May 24
Job well done. Both economical. & good service. Laptop is almost as good as new.
Chiara Lee
Chiara Lee
04:12 20 May 24
Steven Diao
Steven Diao
13:45 18 May 24
Xiu Wen -
Xiu Wen -
14:06 13 May 24
Technician is honest, patient in explaining details in layman terms and also very approachable. Doesn’t hardsell or upsell services if he thinks you don’t need it. Turnaround time was decent as well. Highly recommend!
Guanji Lim
Guanji Lim
12:53 13 May 24
I cracked my laptop screen on Friday and went to contact Volta PC to ask for their price and whether it can be fixed. The next day l went to their shop and luckily the screen can be replaced and it is done within a few hours. I collected back my... laptop on that day itself too. Thank you for the excellent service 😄read more
Kumar Baduil
Kumar Baduil
12:42 13 May 24
The JE outlet has a Tech named Ken. Very knowledgeable and helpful as well. His customer service skills is on par with those in retail. The company itself is very professional and their cost does not burn a hole in your pocket. They are your... friendly neighbourhood PC repair shop. Kudos!read more
Joven Tan
Joven Tan
06:33 12 May 24
Went to fix my Lenovo Laptop, diagnosed with a SSD issue. Great, got fixed.Not even one month later, entire laptop fails to boot.Take it to a friend who knows about parts, he opens and the motherboard is fried. Thermal paste is all over the place,... overheated the motherboards chips. Costed over $200 in repairs for this.Image attached is how it looks from a friend who got a repasting here.Do not recommend, overpriced and ruins your more
Ween Keen Lee
Ween Keen Lee
10:06 02 May 24
Ken took the time to harmonize expectations on results of cleaning. Did not hard sell / up sell. Understood the problem and suggested specific and targeted solutions. Awesome experience!Went back to Ken a few weeks later due to a recurring problem... while gaming, Ken spent the time to patiently explain and engage on what the possibilities are and the solution that he deeply researched. After a few trials and error tuning parameters, it works great!!!read more
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem
05:28 02 May 24
Efficient and experienced tec consultant that enhances confidences for the customer. Strongly reccomend.
Shihar Azmi
Shihar Azmi
11:06 29 Apr 24
Service is very good. Quick to respond, and assess root cause and resolve.
T99 Management
T99 Management
05:02 29 Apr 24
The technician knows the product very well. fast and cheap
Su Wai Hlaing
Su Wai Hlaing
14:40 08 Apr 24
Went in for a Lenovo screen change as a line was running across it and showing doubles whenever I scrolled. Service guy was friendly and fixed it in about an hour. Repair work is great. Charged $355. Screen is now clearer than ever. Would recommend.
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee
10:51 02 Apr 24
The quotation, repair and payment process is fast. The support Ken is skillful in handling the laptop. It gave my laptop a second life. Great Sevice!
lim senghuat
lim senghuat
10:36 02 Apr 24
Cheryl Teo
Cheryl Teo
07:53 02 Apr 24
Replacement was done within a few min.. Service is fast n good.Highly recommended should u require any servicing or repairs works.
Pei Ting Mak
Pei Ting Mak
09:12 25 Mar 24
Very good service and the staff was friendly. He helped to diagnose my laptop and replaced a new keyboard.
Ivan Poh
Ivan Poh
04:04 25 Mar 24
Prices were fair and repair process was speedy and painlessHighly recommended
03:35 25 Mar 24
Hi, I truly thankful for Ken who helped with my laptop issue. My keyboard could not be used and I was helpless and thought I needed to change laptop. Thankfully he diagnosed the problem accurately, he realised my keyboard was ok, it was a setting... issue. The most shocking part is that he helped for free, as he said it’s part of diagnosis. I truly didn’t expect that as diagnosis is part of expertise, so I’m truly grateful for expert help and service. Completed diagnosis in less than 20minutes, thank you so much!read more
Adeline Tan
Adeline Tan
00:32 24 Mar 24
Highly recommend Volta PC….rarely can find biz with high intergrity nowadays . Thank u Ken for yr time n patience . Certainly agree with all the good reviews…. so true 👏👏
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*FREE Diagnostic: Applies for out of warranty laptops/PC only. If your PC is under local warranty, the diagnostic/rma charge is $120
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We can repair any laptop brands and problems. Our team of experienced and highly skilled technicians possesses the expertise to address issues with a wide variety of laptop brands, spanning from Apple Macbook, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Razer, MSI, Huawei, Sony, XiaoMi, Aero Gigabyte, Alienware, Avita, Thinkpad, Predator, Aftershock, ROG Republic of Gamer. They have successfully repaired tens of thousands of laptops in the last decade so feel free to reach out to us for further information without any hesitation.

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Desktop Repair Cost At Estimation for general issues

  • Desktop Service fee: $95 excluding parts
  • Virus/Malware Removal: $95
  • Data Recovery $200
  • Reformating or OS Installation: $95
  • Cleaning and Thermal Pasting Service: $95
  • Motherboard or PSU Repair: $155-255 (Not replacement)
  • CPU Pin repair: $95 (base on severity)

Feel free to contact us by for an accurate quote. You can provide us more information on your Desktop issues.
Free Diagnostic for out of warranty devices.



Desktop repair

If you’re like most people, your desktop computer is an essential part of your daily life. From browsing the web to keeping in touch with friends and family, our computers help us stay connected and productive. Unfortunately, computers don’t always operate perfectly. Over time, they can start to slow down or experience technical difficulties. And one of the most common issues is a broken or damaged screen. So, how much does it cost to fix a desktop computer screen? Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer? How can I fix my old desktop? How much does PC repair tool cost? These are the questions asked by many people when they realized that their computer becomes faulty or spoiled.

The warning signs.

First you got to look out for a couple of warning signs. These warning signs are pretty obvious as it will occur before the fault actually occurs. Like humans prevention is better than cure. Thus, if any of these warning signs appear do get it checked as soon as possible for a computer repair.

1. It Takes a Long Time to Wake Up

The time it takes for your monitor to create a picture when you power on your computer is known as wake-up time. Apart from certain older CRT displays, all contemporary LCD and LED monitors take about 5-10 seconds to appear on screen after pressing the power button.

If any of the monitor’s internal components fail, the backlights will take longer than usual to appear on the screen. This is one of the signs that your monitor is about to die. Usually, this will be accompanied by slow performance.

2. Dimming the screen

The total brightness of your display is reduced when you use screen dimming. While it is common for a display to seem dim in a bright environment, it is not usual to have a similar experience in a dark environment. The failure of the backlight is the most common cause of this. The backlights on your monitor are in charge of presenting the appropriate visuals. The backlights on your display may stop working if it dies slowly.

Aside from that, inadequate power to the display might be the source of the problem. Your monitor’s brightness or contrast settings may have been changed unintentionally. As a result, before concluding that your monitor is dead, make sure to examine them.

3. The Display Is Flickering

Flickering is a symptom of an uneven monitor that frequently flashes or blinks. The most typical issue faced by them after upgrading from old CRT monitors to contemporary LCD and LED monitors is flickering.

While many people associate flickering with a failing display, there are other causes. Changes in resolution, refresh rate, corrupt drivers, and a defective graphics card are just a few of them. Changes in refresh rate are fairly common among them. The refresh rate of a monitor is the number of times the image is updated each second. Unintentionally, this value might be set erroneously. As a result, ensure sure the Hertz value in the display settings is correct.

4. Pixels that are no longer alive

Every monitor’s screen panel is made up of pixels, which are small points in a picture. The amount of pixels used is determined by the monitor’s screen size. Over time, the pixels in the screen panel may stop operating due to a manufacturing flaw or prolonged use, causing the screen panel to fail. When this happens, the pixels on the monitor appear as a white or another colour spot. The colours of the dead pixels, on the other hand, will not match the rest of the screen.

5. Images with Burn-In

Monitor burn-in pictures are ghostly images that appear on your monitor’s screen. Even when the machine is switched off, the burn-in picture of the Windows logo may be seen on the monitor. Burn-in concerns in CRT displays are becoming more common than in LCD/LED monitors.

Other visuals on the screen, however, are unaffected. The explanation for the burn-in pictures has been found as displaying the same graphical images for a longer period of time.

6. Vertical Lines

Vertical lines can appear on any monitor, whether CRT or LCD/LED. Normally, these lines are single-coloured.

Even though these lines may be caused by video card damage or outdated drivers, the problem is most likely due to screen panel damage. There may also be burn odours emanating from the monitor, suggesting that an internal component has failed.

7. Shutdown at Random

Another indicator of a malfunctioning monitor is when your display unexpectedly shuts down in the middle of a computer task but your CPU continues to work. Overheating and inadequate power supply are the most common causes of monitor shutoffs. Old CRT monitors may be more susceptible to heat than newer flat panel screens.

In the case of overheating, the monitor may shut down automatically to protect the internal components from harm. Aside from that, problems in the motherboard’s circuit might cause unpredictable shutdowns. This signifies that your monitor is nearing the end of its useful life.

How much does it cost to fix a desktop computer screen?

The cost of repairing a desktop computer screen can vary depending on the severity of the damage and the type of screen. For example, a cracked LCD screen will usually cost less to repair than an OLED screen.

Additionally, the cost of the repair will also depend on the size of the screen. A smaller screen will typically cost less to fix than a larger screen.

In general, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 to repair a desktop computer screen. However, if the damage is extensive, it could cost up to $1,000 or more to replace the entire screen so at times it is better to just have a screen replacement.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a computer?

In most cases, it is cheaper to repair a computer than to replace it. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider when making this decision.

There are factors involving this decision

Condition / Age

We all know computers don’t live forever and need to be replaced at some point, but how long is “sometime”? Well, that’s a personal taste and a matter of opinion, but in general, a typical customer should update their computer every 5-10 years.

In computer years, ten years may seem like an eternity, but computers are surviving far longer than they used to. To illustrate my argument, I’m penning this piece on a 9-year-old Dell 755 desktop computer (which I upgraded to an SSD for $60) and it’s running smoothly. Seriously, I think I could deceive most people into thinking it was a brand-new computer if I cleaned up the case a little. It’s only a number!

Is there anything else wrong with the machine other than its age? An older computer with a single fault can be worth repairing, but a newer computer with a slew of problems might be worth replacing. However, keep in mind that certain computer ‘solutions’ might remedy a wide range of issues. An operating system reinstall (factory reset), for example, may eradicate viruses, correct error messages, speed up your laptop, and wipe away a ton of rubbish all at once.


Since everyone has a different budget, it’s difficult to go too detailed, but the basic strokes are the same. A repair will nearly always be less expensive than a replacement computer, but if the repair is expected to cost 50-70 percent of the replacement price, you should always evaluate the machine’s age and health before making a decision. Please, before you decide to forgo a repair, acquire a free quotation. Do yourself a favour and do it! Finally, keep in mind that if you decide to switch to a new computer, your old one will have a greater resale value if it is still functional.

There are several elements that might influence your decision to have your computer fixed rather than purchase a new one. Always receive a free repair quotation, think about the age and condition of your gadget, consider the cost savings of a repair, and, in the end, do what you want!

How can I fix my old desktop?

If you’re having problems with your old desktop, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it yourself.

First, you can restart your computer. This can help resolve many common technical issues.

Second, you can run a virus scan. This will help identify and remove any malicious software that could be causing problems.

Third, you can clean up your hard drive. This will free up space and help your computer run faster.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always take your computer to a professional for repairs.

Take heart if every click on your old, sluggish computer makes you want to rip your hair out but your budget won’t allow you to replace it. Even if you’ve upgraded the hardware to the best of your ability and completed all necessary maintenance to rule out malware infestation, there are a few modifications that may make life with an old PC a little easier.

Get Rid of Bloated Software

Even a brand-new PC might be slowed down by a number of typical software issues. Suppose you’re still using Norton or McAfee. In that case, it’s time to save some money, do your computer a favour, and replace your overpriced, resource-hogging anti-virus with a smaller, free tool like Microsoft Security Essentials. Are toolbars taking up the top three inches of your browser screen when you open it? Most of the time, these “tools” are merely viruses that track your activity and slow down your Web browsing. Remove these nasties from your browser.

Make the most of what you have.

If you’re like most computer users, you probably spend the majority of your time surfing the web, or attempting to. Using a speedier browser may make a significant difference in the ratio of screaming to quiet, enjoyable Web surfing on a daily basis. Consider using Chrome, Firefox, or Opera instead of Internet Explorer. Don’t be seduced by the glossy customisation promised by plug-ins and extensions, in addition to weaning yourself off toolbars. The more information your browser has to load when it first starts up, the longer it will take to go online.

Take your operating system off the beaten path.

If all else fails and you’re desperate to get another year or two out of your ailing PC, try replacing it with a leaner, quicker, but vastly different operating system. Consider one of the many Linux distributions, such as Lubuntu or ArchBang, which are both noted for their speed. Installing a new, dramatically different operating system is a significant step, but it could help you extend the life of your less nimble machine.

How much does PC repair tool cost?

If you’re looking for a PC repair tool, you can expect to pay between $30 and $100. The cost will depend on the features and functionality of the tool.

more expensive tools will typically have more features and be able to fix more complex issues. However, if you’re just looking for a basic tool to perform simple repairs, you can find one for less than $50.

Here are some recommendations for Computer repair services

1) Volta PC Upgrade and Repair (Formally known As Budget PC)

With multiple outlets islandwide, we at BudgetPC provide our customers with unparalleled convenience at reasonable rates. Our computer repair service and laptop repairs are renowned for their honest lowdown on issues, as well as quick turnaround time. We can also perform a MacBook pro repair (not just Windows)!

Desktop computers have many complex components, hence it is paramount that you send them for diagnosis at one of our stores! We also offer pick up services at an additional rate.

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