Water Spill/Damage


Delaying to seek professional help will end up with serious corrosion and a costly repair.
Faulty keyboard as water seeps in
Patchy LCD screen as water seeps in
Data loss due to HDD connector corrosion
Cannot power on due to mainboard corrosion
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Here's our technician's advise

what should you or should not do?

DO NOT CHARGE: This may cause mainboard short circuit.
DO NOT CHARGE: This may cause mainboard short circuit.
DO NOT SOAK IN RICE GRAINS: Corrosion may still happened on the mainboard.
DO DRY WITH CLOTH: Dry as much water on the laptop surface
DO DRY WITH HAIR DRYER: Use "COOL" setting for drying
SEND FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP: Send in for professional cleaning ASAP within 48 hours
How serious will the laptop damages get?

Common Fault after water spill

The volume of water, texture of the liquid, which part of the laptop you spill the liquid on and how long the water seeps on the laptop without cleaning will eventually determine the damages.
Keyboard fault
Unresponsive keyboard buttons or cable corrosion
Battery fault
Unable to charge battery or battery cable issue
LCD Screen fault
Screen flicker, patchy screen or black screen.
Unable to Power On
Unresponsive; mainboard fault *Critical stage
Wifi Fault
Unable to connect to Wifi or intermittent connection.
Hard Drive Fault
BSOD "Automatic Repair" which lead to data loss

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