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Laptop Repair Singapore

Experiencing a broken laptop fan? a cracked screen? or a broken keyboard? Don’t panic!

Before you throw your beloved laptop into the bin, make sure to check out Budget PC repair options and enjoy competitive and transparent prices.

We offer a wide range of computer laptop repair services in Singapore and we work with any brand of laptop (Apple and Windows devices).

Keep reading to see what kind of quality service you’ll be needing for your beloved laptop.

Is it hardware or software repair services needed?

At first glance, it may not seem like there is much of a difference between hardware and software problems. After all, both types of issues can cause major headaches for laptop users. However, when we take a closer look at the underlying causes of these problems, it becomes clear that they are actually quite distinct.

Hardware problems often occur due to issues with the laptop’s physical components. This could mean anything from a defective laptop screen to needing a battery replacement or malfunctioning hard drive. On the other hand, software problems tend to be caused by instability in the laptop’s operating system or applications. While these two categories can certainly overlap in some cases, it is crucial for laptop users to distinguish between hardware and software issues in order to properly address any potential problems that could arise.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. But in general, hardware problems will require replacement parts, while software issues can often be resolved with a simple laptop repair such as getting the latest update or patch. So before you invest in a new laptop, be sure to bring your beloved laptop to Budget PC for a free diagnostics service about the cause of the problem. It might save you a lot of money in the long run while enjoying excellent customer service and a timely repair process.

Do I need an LCD screen replacement laptop repair service?

One of the most common laptop repairs is a laptop screen replacement. If your laptop screen is cracked, shattered, or otherwise damaged, it can be a big headache. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also make it difficult to see what’s on your screen. In some cases, damage to the screen can also affect the touchscreen functionality of your laptop.

To find out if you need a laptop repair on your screen, check to see if any of the symptoms below are happening to your laptop:

  • Cracked screen
  • Black and white patches on the screen
  • Screen flickering on your screen
  • Black screen after you power on
  • Pink or pink tint LCD screen
  • Dead pixel and out of warranty screen
  • Backlight bleeding at the edges of the screen
  • Vertical or horizontal stripes appear on your screen

If you said yes to any of the symptoms above, a screen replacement would be a wise decision to ensure no further damage will arise. Simply bring it to one of our repair shops and our laptop experts will help you find the right screen for your laptop.

Do I need a battery replacement laptop repair service?

Most batteries in laptops wear out over time. It’s normal that your laptop loses its ability to hold maximum capacity as time goes on…but don’t let this stop you and your productivity! Budget PC upgrade repair services will help you to improve your laptop productivity by providing a battery replacement service.

You can simply bring your laptop to one of our service centres and enjoy onsite repair services. A battery replacement repair service is considered a simple computer repair and most laptop battery repair services can be done in under an hour.

Do I need data recovery laptop repair services?

When your laptop is acting up or crashing unexpectedly, you need fast and reliable data recovery services to get your files back. At Budget PC, we provide comprehensive data recovery services that can help you recover critical information from damaged laptop components. Our computer repair services are available to provide emergency doorstep repair service in our repair shop. Whether you need help with a simple laptop tune-up or additional support for complex issues like hardware failures or software malfunctions, our experienced technicians can handle it all.

Do I need a fan replacement during laptop repair services?

At some point, nearly every laptop owner will need to have their fan replaced. Fans are an essential component of laptop computers, and they help to keep the internal components cool. Over time, however, they can become clogged with dust and debris, causing them to fail. When this happens, it’s essential to take your laptop to a reputable laptop repair shop for a fan replacement. A qualified technician will be able to quickly and effectively replace your fan, and they will also be able to ensure that your laptop is working properly before they finish the repair. This way, you can enjoy quality service and be confident that your laptop is in good hands when you need fan replacement services.

Do I need malware removal laptop repair services?

If you’re dealing with laptop malware, it’s important to take swift and effective action. The first step is usually to run an antivirus scan, which can help locate and remove any malicious software from your system. However, depending on the severity of the problem, you may also need to turn to professional laptop repairs for assistance.

We provide free diagnostic services to identify the cause of your laptop woes and get things back up and running smoothly again.

In addition to removing malware, our experts can also perform data backup services to help regain access to any lost or corrupted files. If you’ve had trouble dealing with laptop malware on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out for help today.

Do I need a motherboard laptop repair service?

Laptop computers are increasingly becoming the computer of choice for many people. They are smaller and more portable than desktop computers, making them ideal for students and busy professionals who need to be able to take their work with them wherever they go. However, laptop computers are also more prone to damage than their desktop counterparts. One common problem that can occur is a malfunctioning motherboard and you may end up experiencing one or two of these scenarios:

  • Laptop refusing to turn on
  • Having problems with turning on or shutting down
  • Freezing or hang problems
  • Random shutdowns
  • Connected devices are not working (USB Ports)

When this happens, it can be difficult to know what exactly is happening to the motherboard, but don’t fret, Budget PC repair shops have experienced technicians who will diagnose the problem and get your computer up and running again in no time.

Do I need a keyboard replacement during a laptop repair service?

If you’re using a laptop, you may eventually find yourself in a situation where your keyboard stops working properly. This can happen for a number of different reasons, but luckily it’s usually pretty easy to fix.

You can try cleaning your keyboard at home to see whether that’d do the trick. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, feel free to simply replace your keyboard with a fresh and new keyboard from Budget PC. All we need is your laptop model.

To find out your laptop model, you can follow these simple steps:

1. For MacBook repairs
  • by MacBook model number

    The model number can be found at the bottom casing and starts with (Axxxx) (EMCxxxx)

  • by MacBook serial number
2. For other laptop repairs

Every brand may have its own way of identifying the model of the laptop, but generally, you can find out the model of your laptop by:

  • Checking the product label written on the bottom of your laptop
  • Clicking on the start button and choosing the “System Information” desktop app. Look for the System Model and that will tell you the type of laptop you have.

Do I need water damage laptop repair services?

If you have water damage on your laptop, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Water can cause serious damage to your computer and may even render it unusable.

We are able to help with your device repair by doing a free diagnosis and helping you find any physical damage or any parts that have been damaged by the water.

It’s important to note that water damage can be a tricky situation. However, if you act quickly and take steps to prevent further damage by quickly bringing your laptop to a PC repair shop, you should be able to get your laptop repaired and running in no time.

Do I need speaker replacement computer repair services?

There are several signs that can indicate that you need a laptop repair on your broken speaker. Check to see if any of these situations has ever happened to you:

  • Volume may be lower than usual
  • Static may be present in the audio output
  • Sounds may be muffled or distorted
  • Distortion may occur when no sound is playing at all

You could try these simple steps before deciding whether you need a laptop repair or not:

  • Make sure that your volume is not muted
  • Try a set of headphones
  • Check whether your laptop is connected to any wireless headphones
  • Try restarting your laptop

If you’ve done all of the steps above and are still experiencing sound problems from your laptop, simply bring your device to any of our repair shops and enjoy a free diagnosis before we do any computer repair service.

Do I need a cleaning and thermal paste computer repair services?

When it comes to computer repairs, keeping your computer clean is crucial. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the surfaces of your laptop over time, cluttering up the internal components and causing problems with performance. Additionally, one thing that many computer users are not aware of is the fact that computer parts can become hot during heavy use. This is partly due to excessive energy consumption from CPU processing, but it is also due to the fact that computer parts lack proper ventilation systems. To combat this issue, computer manufacturers apply a substance known as thermal paste to help dissipate heat more evenly across computer parts.

By keeping your laptop clean both inside and out, you can ensure optimal functioning and avoid dangerous damage to your laptop.

Do I need a hinge replacement laptop repair service?

It can be frustrating when your laptop stops working properly, especially if it’s been acting up for a while. One common problem that many people encounter is a broken or damaged laptop hinge. If you’re dealing with this issue, it’s important to take action right away. Left unchecked, the joint will get worse over time, making it difficult to use your laptop at all and increasing the risk of damage to the screen or other components.

Common laptop models that gas hinge issues:

• ASUS UX 300/400/500 series
• HP Envy 13
• Lenovo Ideapad/Thinkpad
•HP Pavilion
•Acer Aspire/E5/V5/VX

We also offer a 3 months warranty coverage for hinge repair services.

Do I need a new laptop power adapter?

When your laptop power adapter is broken, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem. This is because there are a variety of potential signs that may indicate an issue. For example, you might notice that your laptop turns on but doesn’t charge or that your laptop shuts down unexpectedly even when plugged in.

Additionally, your computer may display an error message related to its power cord or battery, such as “battery not charging.”

Whatever the case may be, you can send us a picture of your Laptop model number with the output info and a photo of your charging pinhead and we will be able to advise you on the next steps.

Budget PC upgrade on RAM and SSD

For anyone who spends a lot of time using their computer, it’s important to have the right hardware to support that activity. This means having a fast and reliable processor, a large amount of storage space, and RAM.

One area that many people ignore when building or upgrading their computer system is the RAM and hard drive. While these pieces of hardware are often seen as less exciting than a new graphics card or more powerful CPU, they play an essential role in determining the speed and performance of your laptop.

A key reason why you need to pay attention to your RAM and SSD is that they help to reduce loading time when using your computer. Whether you’re browsing the web or working on a complex piece of software, everything will run faster if there is plenty of memory and no mechanical hard drives slowing things down.

What’s more, having enough physical storage space for all your files means that you won’t waste vital minutes scrolling through folders trying to locate what you need. So if you want to get the most out of your system, be sure to invest in upgrading to a high-quality RAM and SSDs from Budget PC to give yourself the best experience while using your laptop.

Do I need a laptop casing replacement?

If your laptop is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider replacing the casing. Here are some tell-tale signs that your laptop could use a new casing:

  • The laptop is scratched or dented on the outside
  • The laptop feels loose or unstable when you pick it up
  • There are cracks in the plastic casing

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it’s wise to invest in a new laptop casing in one of our repair shops.

Hard Disk removal laptop repair Singapore

One of the most common problems that can occur is a hard disk failure. This might mean slowed performance, the computer not being able to store or access data on the hard disk, and sometimes unusual noises. In order to fix this, you need to have the hard disk replaced.

However, replacing a hard disk is not a simple task. It requires specialized equipment and knowledge in order to do it correctly. This is why it’s important to leave it to the experts. Our team of experts will be able to quickly and easily replace your hard disk, ensuring no further damage is done to your device.