Motherboard Repair

Unable to power on, graphic issue, auto shut down

Laptop Motherboard Repair Specialist in Singapore

Yes! We can repair the chips on the motherboard without replacing the entire motherboard. This is a huge saving for you and our motherboard expertise have years of experience who have repair many different laptop motherboard brands.
Did we mention NO CHARGE if we failed to repair it?
Specialised in Macbook, Windows, Windows Gaming, All in One PC, Server motherboard repair!
Does your laptop have the following issue?


Failed to boot into operating system

Unable to Power on

Auto shut off while using halfway

Randomly freezing while using it

Overheating issues

Connected devices like USB port not working

Do you know there are a few hundreds of chips on the motherboard?


Macbook Motherboard Repair

Macbook Motherboard Repair

Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook
Asus Motherboard Repair

Asus Motherboard Repair

Zenbook, Vivobook, ROG, Chromebook
Lenovo Motherboard Repair

Lenovo Motherboard Repair

Thinkpad, Yoga, Ideapad, Legion, Thinkbook
Dell Motherboard Repair

Dell Motherboard Repair

Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Latitude, Vostro
Acer Battery Replacement

Acer Battery Replacement

Aspire, Swift, Predator, Travelmate
HP Motherboard Repair

HP Motherboard Repair

Spectre, Envy, Elitebook, Omen, Pavilion
Apple, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Razer, MSI, Huawei, Sony, XiaoMi


Macbook Motherboard

Acer Motherboard

Alienware Motherboard

HP Motherboard

Toshiba Motherboard

MSI Motherboard

Asus Motherboard

Samsung Motherboard

Huawei Motherboard

Lenovo Motherboard

Surface Motherboard

Sony Motherboard

Dell Motherboard

Fujitsu Motherboard

Xiaomi Motherboard

Payment Methods We Accept

We accept NETS, Credit Card, Paynow, Bank transfer and Cheque even for doorstep delivery!


No longer worry about leaving your office/home to deliver your bulky desktop/laptop to us for repairs. We will do the job for you!

How It Works

#TRANSPORT AVAILABLE: We collect your laptop/PC from your home or office.
*FREE Diagnostic for out of warranty PC/laptop. A diagnostic report will be send to you before we proceed with any repair.
#TRANSPORT AVAILABLE: We will deliver it back to your home/office after the repair.

*FREE Diagnostic: Applies for out of warranty laptops/PC only. If your PC is under local warranty, the diagnostic/rma charge is $120

• Alternativey, you may wish to send your laptops & desktop to any of our shop for a FREE diagnostics. 
• ON-SITE support is also available 

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