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We all love our iPads. However like most things in life, nothing is perfect. Accidents happen and in such cases, you can repair your iPad to give it a new life, at our competitive and affordable rates. With our professional iPad repair services, you can now extend the life of your iPad for few more years!

Our iPad Repair Assurance

We have been working with Apple products such as iPad for a long time. Due to our extensive repair experience, we are well versed in the internals of all iPad version (including the first generation). At the end of the day, we are consumers too and we believe iPad repair in Singapore doesn’t have to be costly.

We’ve fixed and delivered 100% customer satisfaction in iPad repairs to our customers. Check our fave five star reviews in Google and our Facebook page today to attest to our high quality iPad repair standard.

  1. We only use genuine iPad repair and replacement parts.
  2. We provide timely iPad repairs and parts replacement.
  3. We charge you competitive rates for our professional iPad repairs in Singapore.
  4. Diagnostic is Free! No iPad repair, no charge!

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Common iPad Repairs in Singapore We’ve Done

  • iPad Touchscreen Crack | iPad Glass Replacement
  • iPad Housing Replacement
  • iPad LCD Screen Repairs
  • iPad Connectivity Repairs Such as No WiFi, 3G or Bluetooth
  • iPad Battery Replacement
  • iPad Home Button Replacement

iPad Screen Repair

Did you know that iPad screens were manufactured by Samsung? Despite Samsung manufacturing these iPad screens, they were not even featured in Samsung own products. All genuine iPad replacement screen must pass Apple’s own stringiest quality control process. Unlike other OEM iPad screen, genuine iPad screen has a special coating designed primarily to repel oil and smudges from the constant interaction with our fingers.

In BudgetPC Singapore, we perform all sort of iPad screen repairs for your device. We use only genuine parts that pass our quality standard. Among some of the most common iPad screen repair are such as:

  • Shattered iPad Screen due to drop on hard surfaces.
  • iPad screen repair flickering or blinkering issue.
  • Unresponsive iPad screen or malfunctioned multitouch issue.
  • Colour issue with iPad screen.
  • Other screen related issue not listed above.

If you have an issue with your iPad screen, simply drop by any of our branches for a FREE iPad repair diagnostic and consultation. As a customer, it is your right to know the condition of your current iPad screen. We will not charge for iPad screen diagnostic even if you choose not to proceed with the repair.

iPad Not Charging

One of the most dreaded moments in all our iPad experience is when you plug in the power cable but the iPad is not showing any signs of charging. Most people experience this issue when they charge overnight only to be greeted by a black screen of death in the morning. In such scenarios, there are many factors that can lead to your iPad not charging such as:

  • Software Issue
  • Cable Issue
  • Logic Board Issue

You can try to perform hard reset or use an alternative MFI-certified cable to verify if these are the cause. If it’s still not showing any sign of life, then your iPad could have a logic board issue. In such scenario, it is quite hard to diagnose for the actual cause of the issue without inspection of your device.

We suggest you to bring in your iPad to any of our iPad repair branches in Singapore for an internal inspection. We’ll perform a free diagnostic and quotation for your iPad situation.

iPad Battery Replacement

Most iPad battery will last between 2 to 4 years, depending on how frequently the device is used and how often they are charged. The iPad battery is rated to a specific cycle count. Fortunately, you can check this from your Battery Settings > Battery Health. Anything above 80% is good. If your battery health indicates that the health is below 80%, then perhaps it is time to replace your iPad battery.

Our iPad battery replacement service uses genuine iPad battery only. You can expect a fast turnaround time for iPad battery replacement. Our iPad battery replacement also comes with a warranty coverage for a peace of mind.

All you have to do is visit any of our iPad repair branches in Singapore. Still not convinced? Check out our happy Google reviews and Facebook reviews! We’re confident that you will be happy with our iPad repair services in Singapore.


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