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Laptop keyboard repair
Stuck keys, unresponsive, auto typing, broken keycaps

Need your laptop keyboard repair?

Let us know what happened to your keyboard! We offer laptop keyboard replacements service for any brands and models. Without a working keyboard, you will not be able to work on it and we know how frustrating this is.
All we need is your laptop model number for a quote!
Without a working keyboard, you will not be able to work on it and we know how frustrating this is.

What is the issue with your laptop keyboard?

Keyboard can wear out over time. This might result in keys that don’t make good contact (no character is produced when the key is pressed) or that remain in contact (stick) even when pressure is removed. The stuck key produces an error message when the system detects it; however, it has no way of detecting an open key. When this happens, we will have to replace the entire keyboard for you.

• Missing or loose key caps
• Nothing appear when pressing the keys
• Some keys work, whereas others do not work
• Sticky keys after a water or liquid damage
• The wrong characters are displayed after you type
• A key is stuck which appear as constantly typing

Payment Methods We Accept

We accept NETS, Credit Card, Paynow, Bank transfer and Cheque even for doorstep delivery!
All laptops comes with different keyboard designs and cables


Give us your latop model number and we to give you a quotation
Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook
Asus Keyboard Replacement

Asus Keyboard Replacement

Zenbook, Vivobook, ROG, Chromebook
Lenovo Keyboard Replacement

Lenovo Keyboard Replacement

Thinkpad, Yoga, Ideapad, Legion, Thinkbook
Dell Keyboard Replacement

Dell Keyboard Replacement

Inspiron, XPS, Alienware, Latitude, Vostro
Acer Keyboard Replacement

Acer Keyboard Replacement

Aspire, Swift, Predator, Travelmate
HP Keyboard Replacement

HP Keyboard Replacement

Spectre, Envy, Elitebook, Omen, HP Pavilion G4, DV6
Apple, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Samsung, Microsoft, Fujitsu, Razer, MSI, Huawei, Sony, XiaoMi



Macbook Keyboard


Acer Keyboard


Razer Keyboard


HP Keyboard


Toshiba Keyboard


MSI Keyboard


Asus Keyboard


Samsung Keyboard


Huawei Keyboard


Lenovo Keyboard


Surface Keyboard


Sony Keyboard


Dell Keyboard


Fujitsu Keyboard

Xiao Mi

Xiaomi Keyboard


No longer worry about leaving your office/home to deliver your bulky desktop/laptop to us for repairs. We will do the job for you!

How It Works

#FREE CONSULTATION: We provide estimated quote before you send in your laptop computer.
*FREE Diagnostic for out of warranty PC/laptop. A diagnostic report will be send to you before we proceed with any repair.
#TRANSPORT AVAILABLE: We will deliver it back to your home/office after the repair.

#Transport: Please contact us for transport availability OR arrange your Grab transport to send it in
*FREE Diagnostic: Applies for out of warranty laptops/PC only. If your PC is under local warranty, the diagnostic/rma charge is $120

• Alternativey, you may wish to send your laptops & desktop to any of our shop for a FREE diagnostics. 
• ON-SITE support is also available 

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