Data Recovery

Your documents and photos are irreplaceable. Leave it to us to QUICKLY recover your data!
We Recover data from All Types of Storage Media from desktop, laptop, portable drives, RAID, NAS, Servers etc
Close to 98% of the datas are usually recovered and we don't charge you if "ZERO" data are recovered

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Step 1: FREE Evaluation

Send your hard drive to our shop for a FREE evaluation

Step 2: Logical Recovery

We will proceed with Logical Data Recovery $200/device first. We don't charge you if there is ZERO data

Step 3: Physical Recovery

If logical data recovery is not possible. You may consider physical data recovery (Cleanroom Data Recovery) and the charges $1300-2800/device (1TB-4TB)

Symptoms of a hard drive failure

It is possible that your drive may be in a bad condition as you use. The data in your drive maybe corrupted as you prolong the use.
  • Electronic failure
  • A drop or other physical damage
  • Clicking, grinding or other unusual noises
  • Unreadable areas
  • Data corruption
  • Overwritten data
  • Accidental deletion
  • Missing Email
  • Accidental reformat
How it is done?


Can be recovered by firmware utilities to fix the bad sectors.
Logical failures tend to be easier to deal with than physical failures and typically easier. During the process of data recovery, we would have to repair firmware faults and bad sectors to a point where the hard disk does not fail during the extraction period. The extraction would be the critical point for technicians. It is also the point where your data may be corrupted during the imaging process. Doing a one-to-one clone of data from your bad hard disk to our temporary hard drives.
How it is done?


Require a removal of disk platter for inspection.
Physcial failures are much more difficult. It can vary from a head crash to a logic board mismatch. A head crash causes the sliders to break off the reader. When that happens, your system will not be able to detect the hard disk. A logic board mismatch can vary from a few module repair to the entire chassis of the hard disk to be replaced. It may stop the power from going into the hard disk at all. The entire process of physical repair is almost similar to a transplant.

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