Laptop Hinge Broken: Can it be repaired?

Laptop Hinge Broken: Can it be repaired?

Laptop Hinge Broken: Can it be repaired?

A damaged or broken laptop hinge is not uncommon at all in the modern era where the demand for slimmer, lighter and more low profile laptops are higher than ever.
There can be multiple reasons and scenarios leading to a damaged or broken laptop hinge and the result from the damage ranges from a slight imbalance on the top half of your laptop to even major damages on your screen or case – which usually ends up being the case if one were to ignore a minor hinge damage and resuming normal operation using the damaged hinge as it is.

Examples of what can cause a laptop hinge to be damaged or broken:

Physical damage due to impact:

If your laptop sustained a physical impact due to a fall or knock,
it is highly possible that your hinge or the area surrounding it has been compromised due to the case housing being deformed and resulting in the hinge being shifted and not being seated in it’s proper position.

Not closing the lid in a proper way:

Closing the lid of your laptop from the edges causes extra pressure on the hinges. This can easily create minor hairline stress fractures on the hinge parts every time it is subjected to an uneven pressure and the risk of damage or breaking the hinge will only increase every time this action is repeated.

It is important and good practice to close the lid gently and hold from the middle of the screen using your palm to or with both hands to assist in completely closing the lid so that the maximum surface area is covered instead of a small pressure point.

Improper handling when holding your laptop:

Lifting and holding the laptop by the top half or display creates unneeded pressure on the hinges. This action may direct pressure to the LCD screen easily resulting in a deformed or cracked screen which is even more likely to happen if your laptop hinge is already in a bad condition.

Excess weight or pressure on top of your laptop:

Placing heavy items on the laptop (open or close) can cause serious damage to the LCD, hinges and case cover. The constant pressure can result in the laptop hinge breaking under the weight or the casing of the laptop to crack near the hinge which exposes the hinge and renders it inoperable.

Placing heavy items on your laptop can also cause damage to the CD-Drive, resulting in the drive and possibly the disk that is inside to be damaged.

Can I continue using a laptop hinge that is damaged or broken?

Regardless of how minor the damage is, it is never a good decision to ignore the issue and to continue to use it when it is damaged.

When one side of a laptop hinge fails to function as intended, the other remaining hinge will be subjected to higher pressure and stress as it has to compensate for the failure. This results in even more risk of not only breaking the other working hinge, but also compromising the actual laptop housing itself.

There will also be a risk of your LCD screen being affected due to the uneven pressure resulting in display issues like flickering, vignette or even physical damage of the screen.

On top of that, the cable that connects your LCD to the motherboard runs along the hinge area, with a damaged hinge it is very likely that continued operation on it will cause the cables to be damaged to the point where it loses contact – causing your screen to blackout completely.

To surmise, it is possible to continue using the laptop if the faulty hinge does not cause major issues at the present moment.
However, once a hinge is compromised in any way or form, the issues stated above will eventually happen at a much higher risk and quicker rate.

It is in your best interest that you resolve any hinge issues the moment it is detected to avoid further damaging other components and turning a single hinge repair into something more costly or worse, rendering your laptop unable to be used.

How does a Laptop Hinge Repair work?

Laptop hinge repair is a laborious and precise job that requires a skilled pair of hands to carry out.
Depending on the severity of the hinge damage and if the seating/case cover is being compromised the method and length of time for repairs may vary.

Simple hinge repairs involve the replacement of broken screws and strengthening of the hinge parts.
More complicated repairs can involve epoxy and may require the construction or re-construction of base parts that are slightly compromised due to stress fractures or misalignment.

Hinge Break

In the event where there is loss of parts or irreversible damage to the hinge structure or casing, these parts will have to be replaced first to ensure that the repair work can be carried out without any issues.

It is highly advised to let a experienced professional take a look and handle your hinge repair as improper repairs to a faulty hinge can result in further damage that may even end up affecting other parts and components of your laptop!

Yes, we do professional hinge repairs!

Budget PC provides experienced, professional and hassle-free repairs with minimal downtime for your Hinge Repair!
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