What is your Macbook battery lifespan

What is your Macbook battery lifespan

What is your Macbook battery lifespan

Apple Macbooks are rumoured to have longer battery lifespan in comparison to other brands. How true is that? What is the lifespan of your Macbook battery? Is battery degrading a real thing? To answer all these questions, we will have to start off by mentioning cycle count.

Cycle count vs Battery lifespan

It predicts battery lifespan and estimate a time for you find out when is the time to replace your MacBook battery.

Within your OS, you can check the current cycle count for your Macbook battery. Ranging from 300-1000, each model of Macbook has a different maximum cycle count. For instance, MacBook Pro A1502 (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) has a maximum cycle count of 1000. If your current cycle count is at 300, you have roughly used up one-third of the battery capability to retain its charge and the capability of retaining charge will depend on the battery itself and usage of Macbook but of which cannot be predicted or measured.

Maximum Macbook battery capacity

The maximum capacity of MacBook Pro A1398  (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) is roughly 8755mAh. Within the same page, you can tell the charge information, full charge capacity in its mAh value. Battries will lose gradually loose its capability to retain its charge as the cycle count goes higher. Estimating at 600 cycle count, your maximum capacity maybe at 7000mAh instead which is 80% of the original maximum capacity. Bue will recommend to replace when the percentage lost or wear level  is approximately at 30-40%; which means the remaining maximum capacity battery health is 60-70%.

Battery bloated

Here is an example of battery bloats. The trackpad and chassis is affected due to a bulging battery. Batteries are unable to withstand constant power input over an extended period of time in spite of technological advancements. System integrators have advised consumers to avoid overcharging as it in fact hurts internal components such as batteries.

The guideline we recommend is to stop charging your devices as it reaches the 90% to 100% range. Even though you may have switched off your Macbook, your power adaptor is still providing supply into your Macbook battery. However, the battery is unable to hold extra or charge more than it is rated to in the factory.  It is not possible to charge more or have more use time out of a defective battery as your laptop battery lifespan lowers.


Above all software and physical adjustments that allow you to understand and help with battery lifespan, temperature is a key component we are unable to control. Temperature within your Macbook is dependent on your usage and workload. In another words, the higher the temperature, the shorter your Macbook battery lifespan is.

The cooling capabilities for Macbooks have room for improvements and to increase the Macbook battery lifespan, you will have to find alternatives to cool it down. The batteries are not rated to work at extreme high temperatures.

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