“We make any computer problem go away at your convenience!”

Laptop Screen repair  •Data Recovery • Computer upgrade





What problems are you having with your
PC, Mac/iMac, Macbook, or laptop/notebook?

• Deleted files by mistake -> Data recovery
• Computer hangs or unresponsive

• Virus, malware, or trojan attacks
• FPS drop/lag when playing games
• Software won’t install or uninstall
• Computer suddenly restart or won’t boot
• Can’t connect to printer or scanner
• Keyboard or trackpad not working
• Power adapter not working/laptop won’t charge
• Battery drops/inaccurate/need replacement
• Overheating/fan not working
• No sound/speaker not working
• Cracked laptop display or casing
• Cannot connect to the internet
• Bluetooth/Wi-fi/other network problems
• Annoying pop-up ads
• Or need computer upgrade?

Don’t worry, we can help.

We offer FREE Consultation & Diagnosis, so there’s no reason
why you should try to diagnose and repair the computer yourself.



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Step 1: Contact us at 6385 3882, 6266 0980, Mobile: 8332 3034 or message us on Facebook.
Step 2: Tell us what computer problems you are facing.
Step 3: Bring your computer down to our shop for a FREE diagnosis and computer repair servicing.

For your convenience, we’re also offering:
• Doorstep collection & delivery at additional S$30/trip
• Onsite Service Support (**Case by case basis, additional charges applies)
“So convenient leh! No more carrying bulky computer to our shop.”

Step 4: We will proceed with the computer repair upon your confirmation after a diagnosis report is sent to you.
Step 5: Once your computer is repaired, we will contact you and make an arrangement for the computer collection or deliver back your computer to your doorstep.

Contact us at 6385 3882/ 6266 0980

 Mobile: 8332 3034
Message us on Facebook.



Tai Seng Branch:
1 Irving Place #02-01,
The Commerze@Irving, Singapore 369546

Jurong Branch: Jurong Gateway Road
Blk 132 #01-279, Singapore 600132

Tai Seng: 6385 3882/ Jurong: 6266 0980
8332 3034