iPad Water Spill | What To Do

iPad Water Spill | What To Do

iPad Water Spill | What To Do

iPad is a great portable device. These little devices can be seen used in cafes as a little reader, or as a mini TV in the bedroom or even as a portable media entertainment device for those who love soaking in the bathtub. However, like any other human being, accidents do happen. You spilled coffee on your iPad or you dropped it on the floor while trying to eat that tidbit, or worse, slippery hands resulting in your beloved iPad taking that little soak in the bathtub.

Water is the number one enemy when it comes to electronics. Unlike the smaller siblings iPhone which comes rated with IP68 these days, iPads are on their own when it comes to water resistance rating. Water can cause a short-circuit in the motherboard, or worse, corrode your board or the battery. Here are some of the steps you should do if you ever spilled water accidentally on your iPad. We pray these never happen to you and it’s all for educational purposes.

Switch Off Immediately

If your device is still switched on, the first thing is to switch it off to minimize damage. If it’s charging and connected to the power outlet, switch off the power and disconnect the charging cable away from the charger. Next, inspect the physical appearance of your iPad to check if the water has managed to sip in the charging port, the audio speakers or the screen.

Wipe With a Dry Cloth

The next best thing to do is to take a dry cloth and wipe off excess water from the iPad. Pay special attention to any physical opening gaps and dry them off. Do not attempt to dry off your iPad with a hairdryer.

Get Professional Help

A lot of articles online have been focused on getting your iPad dry afterward. Some of the tips given are as follow:

  • Leaving your iPad in a container full of rice to absorb excess moisture.
  • Using silica gell and place the iPad inside with a container to absorb excess moisture.
  • Leaving it to dry under the sun for a prolonged period of time.

As a professional iPad repair professional in Singapore, we do not condone such advice as this can have a long term permanent damage to your iPad. The better advice would be to send in your iPad for a professional inspection as soon as possible. Only then can the professional advice based on visual inspection on the damage done by the accidental liquid spill.

You may walk off fine once the excess moisture dried off but the damage is usually done. Moisture, no matter how small, can corrode your board and lead to a more permanent expensive fix eventually. This can be avoided if you have paid a visit to an iPad repair professional for a visual inspection, who usually disassemble your iPad for a proper drying process.


Your iPad may come with accidental insurance coverage if you have purchased your iPad with a credit card. Be sure to call your credit card company for more information. If you bundled your iPad with AppleCare+ at the point of purchase, then you are eligible for a free repair. Do read the terms and conditions of the warranty for more information.

iPads are equipped with water damage indicators. They get activated when the device gets in contact with water in vulnerable areas.


Accidents happen. It is important to evaluate the need for insurance protection during the point of purchase. If you have the extra cash, you won’t go wrong with the extra protection. However, if you’re out of luck and accidentally spilled water on your iPad, waste no time and quickly seek professional iPad repair store in Singapore.