Replacing iPad Battery & Maintenance Tips

Replacing iPad Battery & Maintenance Tips

Replacing iPad Battery & Maintenance Tips

When iPad was first announced to the world, many are skeptical about the application of the device in the real-world, especially when it comes equipped with a big screen. We know the screen is usually the primary culprit of battery juice in any device so it is not wrong for these skeptics to have that pessimistic reservation. Fortunately, Apple engineering manages to overcome these skeptical thoughts with an excellent battery life that lasts for hours through continuous usage. However, like any other wear and tear component in any given electronic device, they are prone to failure and require replacement upon lifespan exhaustion.

Battery Lifespan

Most iPad battery will last between 2 to 4 years, depending on how frequently the device is used and how often they are charged. The iPad battery is rated to a specific cycle count. Fortunately, you can check this from your Battery Settings > Battery Health. Anything above 80% is good. If your battery health indicates that the health is below 80%, then perhaps it is time to replace your iPad battery.

Unfortunately, battery replacement is not as easy as it sounds. Apple designs the physical of the iPad in a way that only iPad repair professionals have access to the special tools needed to perform any iPad repairs or battery replacement job. There are four options you have when it comes to battery replacement on your iPad:

1. Warranty or AppleCare (Extended Warranty)

If your iPad is under warranty, then it is a good choice to head to any Apple store for battery replacement. Apple usually replaces the battery free of charge if your device is under warranty as it is covered under the warranty terms.

Apple will first inspect your device to check for damages that can alter the intended operations of the iPad battery. For example, if you accidentally spill water on your iPad before, then it will not be covered under the standard Apple warranty. If everything checks out fine then Apple will usually replace the battery for free within a downtime of 1 business day.

2. Professional iPad repair store

There is a lot of iPad repair specialist store in Singapore. If your iPad is out of warranty then the next best choice is to visit these stores to perform battery replacement on your iPad. However, care must be taken to ensure that the replacement parts are genuine. A non-genuine battery can actually pose a safety hazard to you. To ensure that the battery replacement is done properly, look for Apple authorized stores for peace of mind. Authorized stores only stock genuine parts and your battery replacement are usually done by an experienced and trained technician.

3. Self Service

Think you’re adventurous enough? Then perhaps you can experiment with replacing the battery on the iPad yourself. There are ample guides and tutorials on the internet that can guide you to replace the battery on your own. Only do this if you’re confident and know how to follow instructions properly. If you’re not willing to risk damaging your iPad permanently then perhaps it’s best to get professional iPad battery replacement help. The saving is not worth it. If you’re not experienced, you can actually end up damaging other parts of your iPad, which can end up with a costly repair bill.


Apple has warned users that it may throttle your device to preserve battery life if your battery condition is poor. If you insist on operating the device under normal operating conditions, you may end up with shorter battery life. Battery replacement is actually affordable and goes a long way in preserving your investment. If you’re not sure you need a battery replacement, you can pay a visit to a local iPad repair store in Singapore to get free advice.