Dell Laptops Maintenance Tips

Dell Laptops Maintenance Tips

Dell Laptops Maintenance Tips

It is not strange to see Dell laptops last for a long time. What started as a student’s companionship during their University days can end up as a work companion, especially if you are just starting your career. Granted, big companies often supply their employees with a company-issued laptop. If you’re just starting your job at a local small company, chances are you need to bring your own laptop to work. Like any other laptop manufactured in the industry, if you take care of your laptop, it will last for a long time and take care of you. Here, we’ve compiled a list of preventive maintenance tips for you that can save you a trip to a local Dell repair specialist shop in Singapore.


Fans inside your laptop have an important function and that is to cool down your machine under heavy load. Dust can be build up over time and slow down your fan, leading to lower cooling efficiency. When the heat becomes a major problem, you start to realize your computer slowing down. This is due to thermal throttling incorporated in modern processors. They are designed this way to protect the chip from damaging itself due to excessive heat.

Cleaning your laptop fan can be as simple as buying a compressed air spray and aiming towards the fan for a quick blow. This can drive dust away and it is a quick fix. If you’re after a permanent solution, then sending in your laptop to a professional Dell repair specialist might be a better option. The specialist will dismantle your laptop cover, properly clean the fans, reapply thermal paste and inspect your laptop for other potential issues. It is recommended to do this at least once a year if not once every 2 years. Doing this goes a long way towards protecting your investment.

Battery Replacement

Laptops are designed to be versatile and mobile. For these reasons alone, they remain a popular choice for road warriors. The convenience of having your computer right beside you, whenever you are is a comforting thought especially when internet access is readily available anywhere in Singapore today.

Laptop batteries, like any other wear and tear items, require inspection and potentially replacement if they are over 3 years. This is due to the chemistry involved inside a battery. As the battery age over time, they retain less charge. Usually, a laptop battery is rated for up to 1,000 cycles. The more often you use your laptop on the battery charge, the faster it degrades. When the battery retains less charge, your computer can end up throttling the processing power to conserve electricity.

Fortunately, battery replacement via a Dell repair specialist store is cheap. You can usually get the battery replaced for as low as SGD 100 – SGD 150 with a downtime of not more than 5 hours, provided the battery part is in stock.


Taking proper care of your laptop is important if you want your device to last for a long time. Just don’t forget to send in your laptop for periodic maintenance at least once a year to spin off dust.