The Macbook Care Guide

The Macbook Care Guide

Whenever people have the thought of purchasing a laptop computer, there are many factors to consider. Unless you are loyal towards a certain operating system or brand. Today we will be discussing about Apple’s Macbook computers which are unique in their own way. They also come with a more premium price and have a bit of a learning curve to them in terms of their operating system compared to Windows computers. Once you have pulled the trigger on spending on your lovely Macbook, thoughts of “How to’s” will come to mind.

First Unboxing

Unboxing your new macbook can be a pleasant experience, and as you fiddle around with your new toy, constant fear of how will you take care of it will come to mind. Usually the computer will come with the bare minimum. You will need to spend a little bit extra on top of your already premium laptop. This is to protect it from any scratches, dings and so on for aesthetic purpose. Your macbook screen is also an important part of the computer, you may want to consider investing a screen protector for it. And if possible always have a case for it when you are commuting around as this will be at least some form of protection if anything is to happen.

Developing a certain protective habit on handling your computer will help in expanding its life. Apple usually provides a 1 year warranty for any defects or malfunctions to the computer. But in any case that you need a macbook repair or service, there should be many businesses or individuals around that provide this service.

General Use and Care

Generally most people will have different ways and purpose of using a laptop. Some may be more intensive than others, so depending on the amount of pressure you put on your laptop, that will relate to the amount of attention your macbook requires. 

There are multiple ways to make your macbook run smoother as it ages. These examples are clearing junk files, running updates, transferring unused files into an external hard disk and many others. This can be done almost anywhere, instantly and does not require any professional help.


As most macbook models come pre-installed with certain hardware. And certain models will have some level of upgradability. Apple does give you the option of customising your internal hardware before making the purchase. Over time certain hardware may need replacement. The simplest one would be replacing the Solid State Drive.

Most of the hardware in a macbook is soldered into the mainboard itself. Therefore it is a bit more complicated when it comes to upgrading macbook computers. 

Servicing and Repair

Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and apple does provide macbook repair services. It will be very costly for most people if taking the Apple service route. Most people will instead look for local computer service shops. This way is much more transparent and affordable. 

Certain parts of the computer may use OEM parts but for parts that rely on apple’s technology will need to use their original parts. An example of this will be their screens. Repairing macbook screens can be an expensive endeavour. It is important to make sure extra care is taken for the the display part of the macbook.

Apple computers generally have a longer life span compared to windows computers. This is because mainly due to the seamless integration of hardware and software. Therefore Apple computers come at a higher price tag as well. But if you are someone that is concern about service and macbook repairs, there are many other alternatives aside from going directly to Apple. These local service companies provide all kinds of service outside of just servicing macbook computers. Because Apple computers are a popular option in the market, customers will not have a hard time looking for Apple computers repair and service shops.