Making a PC Run Smoother

Making a PC Run Smoother

A computer now a days can cost a lot especially a good one whether it be a customised PC or a laptop. Therefore it is important that we take good care of that investment. Each individual component of the computer is important and each require specific kind of attention. Once you have purchased a new computer or laptop, here are some advise which you may consider to prolong the life of your new investment.

Irrelevant Software

When your new PC arrives, there will be a lot of additional programs which you may or may not ever use. Cleaning up your PC of this softwares is fairly important to make your PC run faster and smoother. Some of these programs will generally run on the background and may be the cause why your computer is functioning slowly.

A way to view all the softwares installed on your computer is by accessing the Control panel of your PC. You may also remove by uninstalling all the irrelevant softwares here. This is just one of the ways to speed up your computer if it starts running slowly.

Temporary Files

Temporary files are files which generate automatically and can accumulate overtime as you use the computer. These files can cause your computer to slow down in performance. Once you have cleared these files from your computer, while cookies and your browsing history included at the same time. This will clear some space and help speed up your computer. This can be done by going into the “Temp” folder via “My Computer”.

Hard Drive

Hardware is what makes the computer. By regularly clearing up your hard disk of junk and irrelevant files can help in prolonging the life of it. Hard disk comes in different sizes and read/write speeds, and of course the better they are the more expensive they get. However, certain people may consider it a long term investment as it is the only thing that stores your data on your computer. If you are one of such people, you may want to consider installing a solid state drive instead which is much more efficient compared to a regular hard disk.

Solid state drives are generally much more expensive than normal hard disk. You can have a set up of both the solid state drive and regular hard drive. This way, you may install the more important programs or files that you need loaded up faster on your solid state drives while regular files can be stored in the regular hard drive. You may also want to clean up your hard drives on a regular basis to maintain your computer’s life span.


Ram is another component that builds a computer, and it stands for Random Access Memory. The use of this component is store temporary memory while your computer is used to perform or execute certain task by a program. In a sense, the more programs that you need running means the more RAM you require. When your computer slows down when you are trying to load a large file means that the amount of space the RAM is using is reaching its limit.

Replacing your RAM is as easy is sticking it into a slot. Every motherboard will usually come with 4 RAM slots, and you do not need to utilise all the 4 slots. Most people will use up to 2 slots at a time. Practically 4GB of RAM is sufficient for most people for daily use and 8GB is better for people who have a heavier use of the computer.

Cleaning Up Externally

Keeping your computer dust free can also effect the performance of your computer. Usually it involves airflow and when certain vents or fans get clogged up with dust, your computer may overheat which will cause multiple different issues over the long term. Compressed air can help in clearing out the dust in vents. To completely clean out your Computer or Laptop you may also bring it to the nearest computer maintenance company. They can also assist in making sure your computer’s software is up to date and running smoothly.

With these simple steps, you can actually expand the life of your computer considerably. If you require additional help when your computer stops functioning there are many companies that focus on computer repair and maintenance. This shops usually will run through your PC to check it thoroughly. Once you received it back, it should be good as new.