Taking Care of Your Laptop

Taking Care of Your Laptop

Taking Care of Your Laptop

A laptop has become an essential tool in our everyday lives and they come in all sorts of specifications, price and styles to suit each and everyone of us. Whether it be for work or personal use, laptops have a general lifespan on them, and we always want to try our best to increase its lifespan for as long as possible. A laptop can help all of us in many different ways be it for personal or work use.

Taking care of a laptop is also an integral part of owning a laptop, as this can expand the life of the machine. Ideally we want to avoid sending it for laptop repair unless it is absolutely necessary (although if you know how to find affordable laptop repair in Singapore, sending it for maintenance once in a while wouldn’t hurt). Here are some ways you can consider while owning a laptop.


Every computer should have an antivirus software installed on it especially a windows based computer. It will be good as it can protect against viruses effectively. There are many options of antivirus softwares available from free to premium based ones. Most of them will work effectively. Most of the time, even if you know what you are downloading it may still contain a virus even a minor one. The risk of not having an antivirus protecting your system is not especially high but it may cause certain circuits to not function properly and might cause problems in the operating system. This will in turn slow down the process and the performance of your system.

Food & Liquid

Accidents can happen and no one can predict them. Liquids and food are not a good addition to any computer circuitry. Spilling liquids onto your laptop can damage your computer’s inner electronic components which may lead to damaging the laptop permanently or corrupt certain data that may be important. It is as easy as not having any form of liquid when you are using your laptop.

Food is not as dangerous to the internals circuitry of a laptop compared to liquids. But food crumbs can attract all sorts of smaller bugs or critters. Although it is not common, it can still damage the electrical components especially the keyboard section. Food usually causes damage externally and make it look dirty.

Display Monitor

The LCD screen is a big part of any laptop as it is how you see information through it. Whenever you are done with the laptop and want to close it, make sure there are no items on top of the keyboard. This will not have much effect when little force is used however accidents can happen. It will cause the screen to scratch and there will be no remedy for it unless you replace the LCD screen.

Whenever you want to lift the laptop up, always lift it from the base instead of the display. Unless the laptop is designed and built more sturdy which can withstand the pressure of the generally heavier base. But for most laptops, this is not the case. If it is lifted by the screen, overtime the support and hinges may weaken and cause it to detached from the base instead.

Dust Management

All items are exposed to dust and laptops are no exception. Dust can get into everything even though your laptop is closed off. Regularly rub down your laptop with a dust cleaner or you may also use compressed air to blow out the dust. You can also choose to send it to a PC cleaning professional regularly to have them clean the device. Whenever dust accumulates over time it can cause the system to slow down and not able to cool itself more efficiently.

Heat Management

Exposing your laptop to rapid temperature changes can be harmful to it. Especially when you are in the country with a colder climate. Let your laptop warm up indoors first before turning it on when you bring it in. This will help in avoiding any unnecessary condensation to the internals of the laptop circuit. Also avoid leaving your laptop in the car under strong sunlight.

These are just a few things that can be helpful in maintaining your laptop and expanding its lifespan. Always consider every possible way to protect your investment. Look for different ways to take care of it, as time goes by technology will improve and people always look for the best. But if you are one of those that enjoys taking care of their laptops. This will be a simple guide for you.