How long does it take to replace Macbook Pro Screen?

How long does it take to replace Macbook Pro Screen?

How long does it take to replace Macbook Pro Screen?

Apple makes some of the finest products on the market today, utilizing the best components they can find to manufacture the said product. MacBook Pro is no exception. Apple uses precision unibody from an aluminium block allowing the device to get thinner while retaining what MacBook Pro is famous for – durability, lightweight, strong and powerful.

There are plenty of screen issues surrounding displays that needed a replacement immediately and below are some of the common problems and causes:

Black/Blank Screen

A black screen are caused by many reasons. A surge in electrical currents as a result of water damage is a good example that can damage the entire display panel. Bad drivers or memory can render an entire display empty. A corrupted operating system may be another reason. Hence, for this issue, it is always better to seek a computer technician or an apple screen repair specialist to diagnose the issue.

Multi-coloured Lines

Usually associated with internal cable issue. You should head to an apple screen repair centre to have it checked. It is a simple fix however and a replacement of the cables will get your display up and in working order.

It is well known among Apple customers that apple screen repair can be costly, thus customers are always advised to take on upon AppleCare as soon as they bought their device. Apple Care extends the warranty of the device (MacBook Pro) for up to 3 years compared to the standard warranty of one year.

But if your MacBook Pro started to show symptoms of display failure after 4 years of ownership, then you’re out of luck as Apple Care coverage would have then expired. Your best option would then be to seek for a MacBook Pro screen replacement outside of Apple as they are usually cheaper, have faster turnaround time and provide comparable service to Apple’s own repair services.

MacBook Pro screen replacement can be costly and time-consuming. The average cost of the screen component ranges from $ 400 – $500 excluding shipping and professional replacement services. Thus, a customer looking for apple screen repair service may need to fork out as much as $650 – $750 for a complete repair and replacement of the display on their MacBook Pro.

The next question would be, how long does it take to get MacBook Pro screen replacement by a professional apple screen repair centre? This will entirely depend on the following factors:

Apple screen repair specialist in general usually takes no longer than an hour to get the parts replacement in your MacBook Pro. Some specialist, however, can take up to a day or two to perform your MacBook Pro screen replacement if it’s a Retina display, more so if it’s 15″ as not many repair centres keep stock of the MacBook Pro 15″ screen parts.

It is important to protect the MacBook Pro screen. Always keep in mind to regularly clean and disinfect your screen to prolong the lifespan of the MacBook Pro screen. If possible, consider buying an insurance if you can find a willing insurer for accidental damages.