Leave your MacBook Pro Clean with These Tips and Tricks

Leave your MacBook Pro Clean with These Tips and Tricks

Leave your MacBook Pro Clean with These Tips and Tricks

Today we will see a series of tips and tricks on how to leave your MacBook Pro clean and avoid expensive MacBook pro repair shops. But before I start, I want to clarify one thing that is valid for everything we are going to talk about next. We recommend to perform any type of cleaning with the device turned off.


The Keyboard of the MacBook pro is Magic Keyboard. It is not like a normal computer keyboard. So it is complicated to clean the MacBook Pro keyboard as compared to a normal keyboard. It is a virtually impossible to remove the keys on these keyboards to clean them. Therefore, we do not recommend removing the keys if you do not want to risk damaging them.

So, how do you clean the MacBook pro keyboard? One solution that can come to mind is the use of compressed air. But the design of the current Apple keyboards makes it difficult to clean with compressed air. Besides, there is no space to introduce the air under pressure to drag the dust to the corners and pick it up there.

How can you clean it then? It is actually very easy. Just clean the keyboard with a wipe or with a damp cloth. But not a wet cloth, because if it leaves a trace of water, that could damage the electronics. The problem is cleaning the bottom of the keys. For this, there are several solutions, but perhaps the easiest to do at home is using a piece of tape. In this way, we will pass heat under each key so that all the dust will adhere.

The Culprits:

The screen is probably the part of the computer that gets dirty most. The main culprit is the dust in the air, which is prone to stay on the screen. But it is not the only one to blame. There are two other causes that also help our screens look dirty.

One of the causes is saliva. Yes, saliva. We release a small amount of saliva when speaking, even if we do not see it and are not aware of it. These micro drops end up on the screen along with the dust, especially if we tend to talk or argue in front of our beloved screen. And yes, something similar happens also with the mere fact of breathing and obviously, we will not stop doing it.

Another cause is the fingers. Although you tend to think that this is just a touch screen problem, that is not true. Did you ever touch the screen to point something out? Most likely, yes. But the worst is that the mark is left more than on a touch screen. Why? Because the touch screens are already designed for you to touch, and therefore have a better layer of oleo phobic protection than those that are not.

The Remedy:

Cleaning the MacBook screen is easy but you must be very careful about how to do it. The first and most important step is to turn off the laptop’s screen and make sure that the power adapter is not connected to the laptop. This is to make sure nothing happens to you or the laptop.

The second step is to get a microfiber cloth. You can get it from any MacBook Pro repair shop and start to remove the dust particles on the screen. You do not want to apply too much pressure though. What you can do is keep your laptop screen on the back and then start cleaning the screen with the microfiber cloth. You do not want to hold the screen itself or you will get the fingerprints on it. Once you finish cleaning the screen, you now have a clean MacBook Pro screen.


And these are all the cleaning tips on the Macbook Pro that we could use. If you don’t follow all these cleaning tips, you may have a serious issue with your MacBook Pro. Then, you will need a MacBook pro repair expert to fix your Macbook Pro.