iPad Liquid Spill

iPad Liquid Spill

iPad Liquid Spill

We all love iPads. They make such a good replacement for our MacBooks if we need to perform light tasks. They also make an excellent ebook/newsreader in the local coffee shops. I always fetch my iPad to catch up with the news whenever eating my breakfast before starting my day, and I believe most people do the same too. But however, accidents do happen. If you happen to accidentally spill your cup of coffee into the iPad, here are some things you can do:

Turn off Your iPad Immediately

If you accidentally spill your cup of coffee into the iPad, the first thing is not to check the condition of the iPad but to switch off the device immediately. You should not attempt to charge or connect the iPad to the computer. Doing so can permanently fry the circuit board inside and you’ll need an iPad board replacement.

Once the device is safely turned off, take a cloth and wipe the clean. Remove the SIM card and wipe off any excess liquids at the charging port as well as the headphone jack. The next thing is to leave your iPad to dry as much as possible. You can store the iPad with a bag of uncooked rice and let it dry for 96 hours. Some electronic product packaging comes with silica gel to absorb moisture. If you have these, put it together with the uncooked rice as what we’re trying to dry the iPad as much as we can before the liquid can do any permanent damage.

After 96 hours, you can try on the iPad. Inspect for any damage and try to connect to your computer and do a system restore. If you can’t get it to work, you should contact iPad repair professionals to inspect the condition of your iPad. You also need to know that water damage in your iPad will void your iPad warranty.

Warranty Option

Most iPad comes with a standard one year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship in the iPad production quality. Water damage is not covered under Apple standard one year warranty. Still, this hasn’t prevented most from trying their luck by trying to claim warranty for liquid damaged iPad. The problem is, what most don’t realize is that modern-day tablet (not limited just iPad), comes integrated with liquid damage indicator.

These liquid damage indicator, or liquid submersion indicator (LCI) as Apple called it, change their color when comes into contact with liquid. Once Apple inspected the device and found out that the LCI has come into contact with water, Apple may decide to void the warranty as it is stated clearly in the warranty terms and conditions that it does not cover water damage.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Liquid Damaged iPad?

The most common question we get asked over the phone is how much it cost to repair a liquid damaged iPad. Unfortunately, this is a hard question to answer without first the need to inspect the device. Fortunately, diagnostic is free. If you happen to have a liquid spilled iPad and you turned off the device, you can bring it to a professional iPad repair for inspection. Then, depending on the liquid exposure, the iPad repair shop will be able to quote you on the estimated repair cost. If the repair cost is expensive, perhaps it’s best to sell the iPad for parts and get a new one instead.