How to Clean Apple Screen

How to Clean Apple Screen

How to Clean Apple Screen

How to Clean Apple Screen

It is no incidental that Apple spare no expenses when it designs and manufactures the screen for most of its product, be it iMac or Macbook Pro. Most apple devices come equipped standard with high quality Apple Retina Display, which is Apple’s term for high pixel density so text and graphic appears sharper and pleasing to your eyes. Apple screen repair can be costly, hence care must be taken to take care and protect the screen. Here we’ve enlisted some of the common ways to clean your Apple screen:

Dust Cleaning

Constant use of our beloved Apple devices can leave the screen dirty. Small particles such as dust love to stick their fingers on our screens. Microfiber cloth is your best bet when it comes to cleaning dust because the cloth does not leave any form of linen on the screen. It’s even proven and regularly used by the photography industry. Those expensive lens need constant cleaning and photographers rely on microfiber cloth to get the job done.

Microfiber cloth is not expensive and they are easily obtained at your friendly convenience store. Do not rely on conventional cleaning houseware such as tissue or towel. They are prone to scratch your screen and you might end up with a hefty apple screen repair bill.

Dirt Cleaning

For our road warriors out there, it is inevitable that sometimes dirt may end up stuck in our beloved screens. These ignorance dirt can sometime stick to the screen and microfiber cloth may not get the job done. For this matter, you can use a damp sponge soaked in distilled water and gentle rub the screen to clean dirt. Some people resort to tap water but in our experience it is better not to use them as some minerals present on the water can damage the screen coating. Improper cleaning of screen can void your warranty and you may have to make a journey to a local store for apple screen repair.

Stubborn Stain

In some cases you may end up stubborn stain that are hard to remove. We all have that experience before. If any of the above solution doesn’t work for you then it’s time to bring out specialised solution for this purpose. You can buy screen cleaning solution from most convenience stores that often comes with microfiber cloth packed inside.  

If this does not however solve the issue, perhaps it has to do with damaged coating. Your best bet is to visit an apple screen repair specialist store to get some advice. Some apple screen repair stores offer deep cleaning that can help with this task.

In conclusion, we all love our screens but periodic cleaning maintenance need to be done from time to time. After all these cleaning doesn’t take long and may help preserve your screen. If you are unsure of and are afraid of damaging your screen perhaps its best then to leave the cleaning for a small fee to your local apple screen repair shop.