Give a new life to your old Macbook Pro

Give a new life to your old Macbook Pro

If you happen to be using an old MacBook Pro, your laptop could probably use a small upgrade in the speed department. Newer generation MacBook Pro Retinas already have SSD as their primary drive so we’ll be talking about thousands of older MacBook Pros out there which are still running on traditional hard disk drives.

1. SSD Upgrade

The first thing you will notice after upgrading to SSD is the time it takes to boot. This is where all our customers realized that they should have upgraded to the SSD earlier. Boot time improves significantly, apps launch faster and the improvement is significant noticeable if you are firing up heavy demanding tasks like designing or development work.

Hard disk drives are traditional disk-based drives where all data are stored in the magnetic disk inside. There is a little arm with a sensor that reads data as the disk spins. The faster the RPM, the faster is the drive, albeit coming with the cost of less reliability of data storage. SSDs, on the other hand, has no moving parts and rely on flash storage.

Why did Apple not go with SSD in the first place?

5 years ago, flash-based storage is expensive and they are not within the reach of an average consumer like you or me. However, as technology progresses, they become cheaper to the point of time it makes economic sense to incorporate SSD into consumer-grade laptops.

2. RAM Upgrade