General Repair Cost for a Macbook

General Repair Cost for a Macbook

General Repair Cost for a Macbook

Apple computers are considered a premium in the notebook computer realm. When you are deciding to purchase a Macbook, it will be a huge investment. With all things, nothing will last forever. Therefore when you are considering your purchase for a Macbook, you will also want to look into the cost of maintaining your investment. Macbook repairs in Singapore are not among the cheapest in terms of hardware replacement. But there are places available for repairs outside of the official Apple repair service. These are just some of the price categories of each important hardware or service that most stores are providing.

OS Reinstallation

Apple macbook’s operating system is considered to be a more user friendly and smoothest system compared to others. But sometimes things can go wrong and it may have a few errors in the system due to overtime use and addition of files to your system. The cost for OS reinstallation can be seen somewhere around $60-$100. This also depends on what kind of further service you require apart of the basic installation. Macbook repair shops in Singapore will often give you a quote at the beginning before you decide to go with them.

Screen Replacement

Sometime accidents can happen and this will cause certain components of your macbook to get damaged. Most of the time the screen may also be damaged. Apples screen technology is considered to be one of the best available, therefore once it is damaged the cost may be quite significant depending on what condition it is in. It all also depends on the model you have as some have the retina display and some do not. Macbook repair shops will sometimes need to order the panel from their supplier. You can expect the cost for this to be in the range of $250-$500. As you can see the price difference is quite significant, and this is because of the different panel sizes and models.


Macbooks are not to have components soldered into the main board. Therefore it is quite difficult to replace them if you do not have the specific tools and skills to do so. This is where you will need the assistance and specialist of those macbook repair stores. They are able to assist you in doing this. Depending on what you need or want replaced. These are just some of the components that run a macbook computer. Logic Board – $300-$500 Graphic Card – $300-$500 RAM – $70-$150 (Depending on Size) WiFi Card $120-$160.

Replacements of internal parts are mostly due to age and of course accidental water damage. Certain macbooks models may have internal components that are not soldered into the mainboard. This way you may actually purchase the hardware on your on and install it.


This is considered one of the most important component of any macbook. With overtime use it does get damaged as well. And when accidents happen due to water spillage the chance of it getting damage is fairly high. Macbook repair service stores do provide replacement service for your trackpad as well. Depending on what model you have, the cost of replacing it may vary.

Sizes and features of the trackpad also have improve as macbooks technology progresses over the years. For older models of macbooks you can expect the cost to be around $150-$250.


Your macbook’s battery will also have a life span. Based on the operating system there is also a charge cycle where it shows the information of how many charges has the macbook gone through. In the later years of a macbook, you will start to realise that your macbook’s battery will not last when it is on battery mode. The general cost macbook repair stores charge for replacing your battery is around $200-$300 depending on the size of the battery.

Apple computers are considered to be a heavy but beneficial investment. The average age of a macbook is about 5 years before needing a real look into. This is when you will need to consider whether you want to get a new and more advanced computer of stick with your current one and replace whatever parts you need. That said, this is just a basic guide into the cost of macbook repairs in Singapore. There are many macbooks repair stores available around town for you to look into and see which will provide the best suitable service for your needs.