Best laptop covers of 2022

Best laptop covers of 2022

Best laptop covers of 2022

A laptop cover or; laptop sleeve should have an attractive, durable design that is also travel-friendly.

They should also have extra padding for extra protection for your laptop, and if possible, there should also have some reinforcement along the edges.

You can also get laptop sleeves with additional pockets and organizers to handle cables, pens, notebooks, and other miscellaneous items if you need storage space. Below are some of the best laptop sleeves and laptop cases of 2022.

Best laptop sleeves and covers we recommend:


  1. Bellroy Laptop Sleeve

Bellroy is a popular laptop cover brand that provides everything you need for your laptop protection.

It comes in an assortment of sizes to fit all sorts of laptops and is made from environmentally sustainable material. You get the added benefit of avoiding scratches on your laptop cover when you put it into the magnetic bumper case.

If you are afraid of zipper scratches, you can even replace the zipper with a magnetic clasp, however, it is not as secure as a zipper.

It also comes with a 3-year warranty.


  1. JETech Sleeve

The JETech Sleeve comes in an assortment of colors, from dark grey and black to bright yellows and pinks, it’s a laptop cover that is simple and will give your laptop case all the functionalities and protection it needs.

Its durable sleeve also features inner foam cushions to protect your device from any dust, scratches, drops, and shocks.

You can also utilize its extra front pockets that contain items like pens, mobile phones, cables, chargers, power banks, and anything else you need to carry.

It also has a water-resistant and splash-proof casing to keep your laptop safe from any moisture.


  1. Mous MacBook Pro Sleeve

This is for all MacBook Pro lovers. The MacBook Pro sleeve is engineered with AiroFoam™ which is an innovative foam material designed to protect your MacBook from any drop damage.

It is also designed using a PET-lined backplate to act as a shield that is impact-absorbing, pierced-protecting, and twists-protecting.

The reverse-coil zip and heat sealing also offers water resistance whilst allowing ease of access.


  1. Cuyana Tech Carryall

This is the laptop cover that is made for a sophisticated woman on the go.

Crafted from luxurious Italian double-faced leather that is also LWG certified, this Tech Carryall is designed with one compartment for your 13-inch laptop and another for essential tech accessories and notepads.

It uses a magnetic snap closure and side snaps that can be easily paired with your working wardrobe thus making it the ultimate must-have.


  1. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag

This has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon with over 45000 reviews. The Mosiso laptop sleeve bag is an affordable laptop bag that comes in an assortment of sizes and colors for you to choose from.
It is made with a polyester material that has a top opening zipper to allow the convenience of access to your device.

Slim and lightweight, it can also easily slide into a briefcase, backpack, or another bag which makes it convenient for travel.

You can also find extra pockets in front to carry your mouse, earphones, pens, and notepads with you on the go.

If you worry about shock and bumps whilst traveling, its foam padding layer with fluffy fleece fabric lining will help you absorb and protect your device from any damage.


  1. Citysheep Carry More

Made from natural merino wool felt and full grain crazy horse leather, this laptop cover is made to protect your laptop from impacts, and prevent scratches whilst on the move.

It also comes with an additional compartment to keep headphones, chargers, and other items you need.

The magnetic closure will also keep your laptop safe from scratches and you can even keep an extra pen around the little loop.


  1. Case Logic Laptop Case

If you are looking for laptop bags then this may be the bag for you. The Case Logic has ample room not just for your laptop but for all your chargers, secondary devices, and miscellaneous items you just need to carry around with you.

The bag can fit a laptop up to a size 17 laptop and it even has an interior slip pocket to hold notepads and other documents separately from your computer.

A velcro strap keeps your laptop secured in place, and padded compartment walls provide extra protection.

It also has a detachable shoulder carrying strap, plus a smaller handle on the top so you can easily travel with it for a meeting or even on a plane. This is one of the more durable polyester fabric covers on this list, offering more protection than the typical sleeve mentioned above.


Buying tips for your laptop cover

With so many options available in the market for your laptop cover, we have some tips you can follow to help simplify your decision-making process. The best laptop sleeve would perform exceptionally well in one or two of these categories.

  1. Padding is crucial

A laptop’s cover main function is to offer protection to your laptop, especially whilst traveling.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the material that the cover use as certain materials are just more shock absorbent than others.

A slim fit design is also nice to have and can shield from scratches but a thicket skin is better to give your laptop the overall protection it needs to last longer.

  1. Measure your laptop before buying

It is important to purchase a cover that suits the size of your laptop. A tight cover just won’t fit right whilst a loose cover won’t give it the lock-in factor to keep your laptop from moving around.

You should always check the seller’s measurement instructions to ensure you are measuring your laptop correctly before making your final purchase.

  1. Compartments

As most laptop users like the ease of traveling with their laptop, opting for compartments in the cover makes it a lot more convenient for travel.

You can consider purchasing a laptop bag instead of a cover to ensure you are able to store all your important items with your laptop.

  1. Cover maintenance

Man-made materials generally require lesser maintenance compared to natural fibers or leather that have specific cleaning instructions and care needs.

You should choose the material that fits your lifestyle to ensure you get the best cover for your laptop.