5 Best screen protectors for your laptops

5 Best screen protectors for your laptops

5 Best screen protectors for your laptops

Laptop screen protectors are important as they are used to prevent scratches, fingerprints, and other unwanted debris from getting on the screen of your laptop.

They are thin layers of tempered glass, plastic, or other clear materials that are able to cover the entire screen of your laptop.

Sometimes, they provide additional benefits, such as anti-glare protection.

Why are screen protectors important for laptops? 

You can understand the main function of a screen protector when you look at your phone.

A screen protector will leave the screen underneath unharmed which keeps it in the perfect condition as when you bought it.

Once it is damaged, you can easily replace the screen protector and it will make your screen look as good as new.

A laptop screen protector can act the same as a smartphone screen protector especially when it has a touch screen function.

It will also protect against sharp objects and some can even absorb the impact of a fall as long as the force isn’t too great.

Here are 5 best laptop screen protectors:


  1. FORITO Laptop Screen Protector

With 4.5 stars and over 4000 reviews on amazon, this is the best screen protector if you are looking for something that gives you overall protection.

Some of its key features include:

  1. Anti-static shield
  2. Anti-scratching elements
  3. Anti-glare
  4. Anti-reflective
  5. Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating
  6. 100% UV400 resistant
  7. Advance bubble absorption design
  8. Easy to apply and remove

It is also designed to protect your device from smudges whilst keeping your eyes safe from harmful wavelengths of blue light.

There is also an enhanced seven-layered anti-blue light filter that can keep your eyes protected against any sort of strain or pressure.

Other than that, it also has a 95% transparency rate which will ensure clearer visuals that don’t require you to increase your laptop’s brightness.


  1. Supershieldz Laptop Screen Protector

With 4.4 stars and over 3000 reviews on Amazon, this is a screen protector that is suitable for Chromebooks.

Some of its key features include:

  1. Has a highly durable material quality
  2. The use of a high-quality Japanese PET film
  3. Has scratch resistance properties
  4. Easy to apply and can be removed without leaving any residue
  5. The pack contains three screen protectors

Supershieldz laptop screen protector also guarantees maximum resolution with the help of its high-definition transparency film. It claims that its screen protector will not augment the touch screen’s efficiency whilst maintaining the screen’s clear visual.

The screen protector also has five protection layers in total to ensure no unnecessary scratches, blemishes or dust can damage your laptop screen.


  1. Liliongth Laptop Screen Protector

With 4.2 stars and over 1000 reviews on Amazon, this is a screen protector that focuses on protecting your eyes against any blue light or glare whilst you are using your laptop.

Some of its key features include:

  1. 8-layers of protective film
  2. Suitable for 14” laptops
  3. Waterproof and oilproof
  4. Major anti-glare function
  5. Comes with a free cleaning cloth

LILIONGTH laptop screen protector is an amazing screen protector for smaller laptops that has a remarkable ability to block harmful blue light.

This helps in effectively relieving eye fatigue and ensures good sleep after laptop usage.


  1. Megoo Laptop Screen Protector

With 4.4 stars and over 900 reviews on amazon, this screen protector is suitable for 13.5” Microsoft Surface Laptops and it has major drop-resistant capabilities.

Some of its key features include:

  1. Tempered glass for a smoother touch
  2. Has 99% transparency
  3. Anti-scratch and dustproof
  4. Comes with a microfiber cloth, wet wipe, and an installation guide
  5. High touch sensitivity

Megoo laptop screen protector comes with an installation guide which makes it easy to perform the installation on your own.

It is also the best choice for Microsoft Surface laptops because of its use of tempered glass material.

This makes it compatible with a touch pen whilst giving a smooth and clear finish.

The Megoo protector also does not leave any marks or residue on the screen when you take it off.


  1. Spigen Laptop Screen Protector

With 4.4 stars and over 4000 reviews on amazon, this Spigen Laptop Screen Protector is suitable for the Macbook Pro.

Some of its key features include:

  1. Provides full-screen coverage
  2. Comes in two sizes (13” and 16”)
  3. Provides crystal clear clarity
  4. Ensures a bubble-free installation
  5. Anti-dust
  6. 6 layers of protective film with Nano-coating

Spigen screen protector is made from premium tempered glass with the ultimate hardness of 9H.

This ensures your laptop screen is protected against impacts and falls whilst maintaining its optimum resolution.

Its features will keep your monitor display safe from any sort of harm and you never have to worry about any grooves or mess even during installation.


How to choose the best laptop screen protector? 

  1. Consider the size of your laptop
  • Ensure you measure your laptop according to the recommended measurements of the screen protector brand you are interested to purchase from.
  • For best protection, the size of the screen protector must be the same as the laptop screen.
  • Screens that are too small or too big will not serve their purpose.


  1. Price
  • Screen protectors come in all sorts of prices.
  • It is crucial to set a budget and then look for the key features you need for your screen protector.


  1. Permanent vs temporary
  • There are permanent and temporary laptop screen protectors available.
  • The difference is, that a permanent one cannot be removed after installation whilst the temporary one can be removed.
  • You can choose one that is best suited for your needs.


  1. Read the reviews
  • Reviews can tell a lot about screen protectors.
  • You shouldn’t read only one or two reviews but you should read an assortment of reviews that range from the best reviews to the worst reviews of the screen protector.
  • This will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the screen protector before you make your purchase.