5 things you need to know after laptop repair in Singapore

5 things you need to know after laptop repair in Singapore

5 things you need to know after laptop repair in Singapore

It is important to have a go-to laptop repair centre for all your laptop repair needs.

There are so many things a laptop needs repair services for and they include:

1) Battery replacement

This is one of the most common issues faced by laptop repair experts as the lifespan of the laptop battery reduces over time.

It is also one way to save money instead of buying a new laptop as buying a new battery can extend the use of your laptop for longer.

In order to prolong your battery life, you can keep your laptop charged anywhere within the 40 to 80% range as this is the optimal range for laptop batteries to stay functional.

Another important tip to remember is to keep your laptop cool by using a cooling fan when using a charging port or whenever the laptop is in use.

2) Hardware issues

The keys in the keyboard driver can come loose but fret not, these kinds of repair services can sometimes be easily fixed as it requires more determination and patience than tech skills.

Keep the loose parts in a bag so you can bring them over to the service centre so they can easily assemble the parts back in place.

There will be additional charges if you lose the parts.

Other hardware issues include issues with the power button, Bluetooth connectivity issues and Bluetooth speaker issues, a loose laptop hinge, and a screen replacement.

It is important to give your laptop a thorough check prior to visiting a service centre and even after your visit to ensure your laptop is working properly.

3) New Hard Drive

When the hard drive corrupts, it can be a nerve-wracking experience as you could potentially lose all your precious photos, important files, and information.

You can look for a service centre that offers emergency doorstep repair service to salvage the important files on your beloved laptop.

There are some that also offer free pick-up and data recovery for an affordable price.

4) Liquid damage

The first few seconds to stop your laptop from further damage is to unplug the power source and all other cords currently connected to the laptop.

Next, you need to lightly dab the moisture from the laptop to make sure that none of the liquid has seeped into the vent holes at the top of the keyboard.

Finally, flip the laptop over and prop it up with the screen facing down.

If there are other laptop issues such as a blue screen or severe issues caused by the liquid damage then it is wise to visit a professional to fix the damage.

Although it requires extra cost, it is worth the visit to keep the laptop working for longer.

What to do after your computer repair services in Singapore?

Regardless of what your laptop issue was before sending your laptop for repair at the service centre, it is important to check your laptop on the same day to ensure it is working properly.

Here are a few items you should check before leaving the laptop repair shop:

Check the power cord

Make sure you switch the laptop on to ensure the laptop is operational.

You should also use the charging port to make sure there is a functional power source for your laptop.

Malware attack

Unfortunately, not all repair shops are created equal.

As you are handing an essential piece of property over to them, you want to be sure that they are doing everything they can to keep your data secure.

Run a full diagnostic scan or ask the technician to do it for you while you watch.

This can help alleviate any qualms you may have prior to leaving the store.

So you opted for a delivery service to send the laptop to you, fret not, you can run your own test to ensure everything is working well.

If any laptop repair issues surface during the test, you can contact the service centre to solve the problem for you.

Coverage period

It is wise to select laptop repair shops that offer a warranty for hardware or software problems especially when you have purchased a new item to be installed into your laptop.

This will ensure that the device repaired can save on future repair costs.

What to do prior to getting your laptop repaired?

Back up your data beforehand

While the risk of any laptop repair services or laptop repairs somehow costing you your data is considerably small, there’s still a possibility of some level of data loss.

In order to ensure your data will be safe as your machine is repaired, you should be sure to keep a copy of its contents.

It is also good to have a solid Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy to help minimize any potential data loss in the future.

Remove personal data, and passwords and clear your search history

Regardless of how trustworthy a business is, there’s always the chance that there’s a bad egg among its staff members.

To make sure your data is really and truly safe from loss or theft, you should make sure that data is no longer present on the machine.

Alternatively, or additionally, it can’t hurt to encrypt the information stored on the machine.

That way, if someone does manage to extract your data, all they will get is a jumbled, indecipherable mess.

Make it as easy as possible to access your device

In order to get your laptop repairs done, the technicians need to be able to get into the electronic devices to make sure everything is in tip-top shape.

You can make this much easier by disabling the need for a password before logging into Windows, allowing the repair tech to do what they need to do.

It may also be a good idea to write a detailed description of the problem and attach it to the exterior of the machine to help the technicians try to identify the problem at hand.