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There is a reason why Apple products has its fair share of loyal customers. In our experience with Apple products, they are hardy, reliable and can last a long time.

Needless to say, even after repairs, they continue to chug on like a well oiled engine.

Common Issues with Apple Computers

It is very common for Macbook to require screen replacement as the assembly is made of thin glass (to save weight). Any foreign object wedged between the keyboard and screen and the Macbook Pro when closing the screen will result in substantial damage to the screen glass.

In this example, it is fortunate that the LCD panel was not affected by the damage, and the replacement of the glass was sufficient to repair the Macbook Pro.

All Macbook Pro comes with internal battery (non-removable), so it is a challenge to detect battery bloating. However, you are able to estimate the condition of the battery by going into the Battery Information page.

To do that, click on the Apple logo at the top left hand corner of the screen, and then click ABOUT. Then, click on the SYSTEM REPORT button.

Scroll down to Hardware and then Power segment. You can see Health Information of the battery. Cycle count means how many times the battery has been charged. A cycle count of >500 generally means the battery is due for replacement.

Macbook Battery Cycle Count

Here are some of the Apple computer repairs we have done

    iMAC are hardy and durable. A good majority of iMACs that comes into our doors are at least 3 to 5 years old.

    21.5″ iMAC Curved Back

    The more common issues with the iMACs are White Screen, unable power on and HDD failure.

    White Screen occurs because of failed graphics chip which requires mainboard repair while being unable to power on is almost always related to the power supply unit.

    iMAC 21.5″ PSU

    Most iMAC repair we perform are related to the hard disk drive failure. Some of the symptoms are unable to load into OS, a folder with a no entry sign and slow response. We will generally replace the HDD with a Solid State Drive (SSD). If you need to know what a SSD is, head to this link: What is SSD?

    This Macbook 12″ Gold is a very delicate equipment. The components inside are small, fully following the minimalist design. All components are soldered on a mainboard that is around 10cm in length and 5cm in width. All CPU, RAM and the SSD is soldered onboard. It is impossible to upgrade components on the mainboard and as such, to repair the Macbook 12″ will require a pair of very delicate doctor’s hands and a lot of experience.



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    We are glad that we managed to revive the Macbook which had a faulty battery and bad mainboard.

    Macbook in working order