Should You Upgrade Your Old PC or Just Buy a New One?

Should You Upgrade Your Old PC or Just Buy a New One?

Should I upgrade, repair or buy a new PC?

Not so long back, the purchase of a new computer would have been out of the reach of many pockets. These days, the prices have dropped significantly and, depending on your requirements, that price may or may not dictate whether you attempt to repair your PC or splash out for a new one. So, when your old PC does go wrong, do you repair it or not? There are some things to consider before you make that decision, such as what is wrong with the PC.

It’s Too Slow

It could be as simple as upgrading the memory. Check your system to see how much RAM it has and what the maximum is it can take; if it can be increased, it’s a cheaper option

The Graphics are Painful!

Sometimes, your video card may be just too old to be any good for today’s games, so you could consider upgrading the card. Again, check your machine to see if it can take an upgraded video card. Do be aware that you may need to upgrade your power supply at the same time.

The Monitor is Busted

Computer monitors come in all shapes and sizes and with all different price tags. But if yours has gone wrong, it may be worth checking with an expert to see if it can be repaired or, if not, the cost of replacing it. Then it’s time to weigh up that cost with the cost of a completely new system and make your decision

The Hard Drive Has Packed Up

Hopefully, you backed up all your data or you may have to pay the cost attached to an expert retrieving it all – if it can be. If your hard drive is beyond repair, then the cost of a new one is small, and you may be able to increase the size. Alternatively, you could consider an SSD drive to speed your machine up significantly, but these are generally smaller in storage size so consider that against your needs.

Other Problems

If your computer has developed other problems, perhaps more serious then it may not be worth repairing it. Other problems may include the following:

  • The motherboard has gone wrong
  • The modem has packed up
  • The network card doesn’t work
  • The sound card is going wrong
  • The CPU has developed a problem

All of these, or anything else that involves the components inside your computer that have not been mentioned above, are not worth the cost of replacing or repairing on an older PC. As with anything, weigh up the costs against what your requirements are and then shop around for a new computer that does meet your requirements before you make the final decision. In some cases, if you are not sure if something can be repaired, it is worth paying a computer expert to take a look at your PC and tell you what can and what can’t be repaired. It could save you the cost of a new PC when you don’t need one.