System Management Controller (SMC) in Mac

System Management Controller (SMC) in Mac

You probably come across situations where your Macbook Pro is behaving like a little child by not responding to your keyboard commands. Things happen and after all they are work machines. You’ve probably tried rebooting the Macbook Pro or even resetting the system but to no avail. So is the Macbook Pro showing sign of visit to a specialised Macbook Pro Repair center in Singapore?

Sometimes, giving the System Management Controller or SMC in short a quick reset in your Macbook Pro may solve the problem. What exactly is SMC and what sorcery is this? How does SMC resolve the issue? A reset to the SMC of your Macbook Pro may sometimes helps in restoring functionality of your Macbook Pro, particularly if it’s troubled by power or hardware related issues. It is a little chip that is present in Intel based Macs and are responsible in execution of various physical parts of the machine such as keyboards, lights, cooling, power supply and how your Mac behaves when it’s sleeping.

Here are some common issues that should go away with a quick SMC reset in your Macbook Pro:

Issues with Fan Speed

Your Macbook Pro fan are always spinning loudly and in high speed, or low speed despite your Macbook Pro showing signs of thermal warnings, or fans not working at all.

Issues with Power or Battery

Your Macbook Pro is not responding to commands to wake up or turning on. Sometimes there is occasional random shutdowns or reboots without warning that is causing disruption to your work.

Issues with LEDs

Your keyboard backlights are not working, display brightness isn’t adjusting or responding to your keyboard commands (or the option are simply not available).

Issues with Video or GPU

The Macbook Pro is not working properly or the external display is not connecting properly with the right aspect ratio or resolution. If your Macbook Pro comes with Dual GPU option, the ability to switch between onboard or dedicated GPU is missing. Video mode is not working and more.

Issues with Performance

Your Macbook Pro is showing some deterioration in the system performance despite no usage of the Macbook Pro.

If any of the issues described above are happening to you, you may want to give a try to resetting the SMC in your Macbook Pro to see if any of the issues described above is dealt with. While you should not have to reset SMC frequently, it’s still great to know what SMC does and how a quick reset will do wonders to your Macbook Pro. If for unknown reason your Macbook Pro is still exhibiting the behavior of the little kid – not responding to your commands, perhaps it’s best to head downtown and pay a visit to the local specialist experienced in Macbook Pro Repair in Singapore.