How to Speed Up Mac Computers

How to Speed Up Mac Computers

How to Speed Up Mac Computers

Computers with “Windows” are not the only ones that slow down over time. Mac computers can also slow down with prolong use. If you experience a laggy Mac computer, then read on further on how you can speed it up.

Speed Up your Laggy Mac

Here are some tips to speed up your laggy Mac.

Reduce your Web Browser Usage

Web browsers can cause a ton of problems on Mac computers. Do not open too many tabs at once. This helps to save memory and space. In addition, reduce the number of extensions on your browsers. Use Safari instead of Chrome as it uses  less battery power.

Clear the Disk Space on your Mac

Clear the disk space on your Mac to improve its speed and performance. This is quite important especially when you have little disk space left. It is quite easy to check the disk space on your Mac. Firstly, look for the Apple icon. Next, select “About This Mac”. Finally, click on “Storage”. Remember to clear the disk space if it low.

Close Applications you are Not Using

Running too many applications at once may slow down your Mac. You should close any applications that you are not using. Do not just click the red “X” button on the top left corner to close the application. The best way is to force quit the application. Press the “Option”, “Command” and “Esc” simultaneously. Then select the application and click “Force Quit”.

Minimise the Number of Startup Programs

Your computer may have many startup programs if your Mac slows down after you login. You should only run startup programs that are important. Navigate to “System Preferences” on your Mac. Then, only select the programs that you want to run on startup.

Find and Close Processes that Use Up Activity Space

Some processes take up a lot of activity space on your Mac. This causes it to slow down. Search for these processes on the “Activity Monitor”. Look closely at the applications and their percentage CPU usage. Close those applications that use up a lot of activity space.

Reinstall your Mac Operating System (OS)

You should only do this when everything else does not work. Check that you have backups of all important files before you proceed. Then enter special recovery mode to start the reinstallation. Your Mac will download all the relevant things from Apple for the reinstallation.

Get Professional Help to Speed Up your Mac

You can come to Budget PC Upgrade Repair to speed up your Mac or any type of computer. We will diagnose your computer to determine what is slowing it down. Then we will explain the possible solutions in detail. You can choose whether to proceed with the repairs. If you decide not to proceed, then we will not charge you for the diagnosis. We also offer other services such as  apple screen repair , laptop repair and data recovery. So, head on over to our branches for a computer diagnosis and get it repaired today.