Solving Macbook computer issues.

Solving Macbook computer issues.

Macbook air and macbook pros are an expensive piece of investment. There are many people who use these macbooks globally. Compared to the windows computers, macbooks tend to last a little longer as well. But like all things, macbooks will have to go through the same aging process as well. Here are just some quick tips on what you can do once the computer has shown signs of slowing down.

If self-repairing your laptop did not work, have a professional take a look at it.

Startup Errors

The first sign you should notice when your macbook starts to slow down is during the startup screen. Compared to when you first got it and currently, the startup time will be vastly different. If it doesn’t boot up at all and the screen is just blank. At this point you do not need to worry or panic, as there are different options for you to solve this. 

First thing you should try is booting it into safe mode. Booting the MacOS into safe mode will just provide it with the minimum softwares and drivers required to run. With this you may be able see what the issue is by running your startup disk and repair any MacOS directory issues. Macbooks will have its own repair system in place and this may solve the slow startup issue.

Starting up safe mode is fairly simple. Once the Mac starts up, you will just need to press and hold the Shift key. When the login screen appears, you may then release it. Then you may login to your computer normally to run any startup disk. To get out of safe mode, you can just restart the computer normally. If all else fails you may go to your nearest macbook repair store.

Application Incompatibility

MacOS updates quite regularly and therefore applications will have to keep up with it. Some times certain applications may cause startup during logins. There will be a need for trial and error just to find the specific app that is causing the problem.

One way of solving this issue is removing the apps individually and see whether that specific app is causing the problem. You may access the login items by going into system preference. This is fairly simple process and it may take some time but it may help solve and repair your macbook.

Certain apps can be unresponsive, this may cause your Macbook to lag or hang at some point. Usually when an application stops working you will not be able to do anything on your macbook. One way of solving this is by forcing the application to quit. You may go to this via the apple logo on the top left and go into the Force Quit menu or just pressing Command-Option-Escape. You will just need to select the app that isn’t functioning on the menu and make it force quit. 

Loading Time

When you first get your macbook or any new computer for that matter. You will be shocked and impressed by its loading speed. As it is still a new computer. As time goes by however, when you start loading more information and data into your computer. It will start to show signs of slowing down. This can be improved by removing any unwanted junk files on your computer. 

Another way to find out what is slowing your computer down is by looking at the activity monitor. This way you will be able to see what application is causing your macbook to lag. With macbooks activity monitor, you are able to look at multiple different information. Most macbook repairs will usually go through the activity monitor to see what is going on with the system.

Unstable Internet

Sometimes the connection stability can be an issue. Most computers will face this issue overtime. You can try this quick-fix for any macbook wifi issue. It is basically just forgetting the wifi and reconnecting it again. To access this, you can go into the Network page in system preference and select the connection to forget. Then reconnect it again normally.

These are just some of the issues that most macbook owners face overtime and it can be somewhat frustrating. But with any problems there are always solutions. There are many specialised macbook repair stores which provide remarkable services if you are unable to solve it on your own. This is especially important when you are not sure how to solve it and do not try it on your own as it may cause a bigger problem as well.