Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Replacement | Dell Repair Singapore

Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Replacement | Dell Repair Singapore

Dell XPS 15 9550 Battery Replacement | Dell Repair Singapore

The XPS System Explained

The XPS badge in Dell XPS laptops stands for “Xtreme Performance System”. In this regard, XPS laptops are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard. This is so the XPS laptops last for a long time while maintaining a smooth user experience for XPS customers throughout the years. Most components inside the XPS system are of high quality. Dell usually equipped the XPS laptop system with i7, fast SSD drives, IPS screen, high amount of RAMs, dedicated GPU and a thermal solution that doesn’t throttle the performance much when pushing to its limit. When these components are taken into consideration, you can expect your XPS laptop to last for a good 7-8 years before they need replacement.

The Battery Problem

Most laptops come equipped with a lithium-ion battery and XPS laptop is no exception. Lithium-ion batteries are preferred due to its cost, availability and the ability of the battery to hold charges for a prolonged period of time. While there has been massive innovation in the components of a laptop, not much progress has been made in the battery department. Lithium-ion battery capacity degrades by 20% annually. This means when your XPS laptop will lose up to 20% of its charge every year and up to 40% charge by the second year. Repeat charging and heat can speed up this degradation. Such battery degradation is categorized as “Wear and Tear” by Dell.

The XPS 9550 was introduced in 2015 before they were replaced in 2017 by the 9560 series. If you have a 9550 XPS laptop, your laptop will essentially be 3 or 4 years old currently. By now, your XPS battery will only hold 50% – 60% of its original capacity at best.

You should consider a Dell battery replacement by a professional Dell repair in Singapore.

XPS Battery Replacement by Dell

Dell does not have a battery replacement program unless the XPS laptop is still covered by the warranty. There has been documented experience online that when you contact Dell for a battery service or replacement, Dell will not service but instead recommend you Dell battery companion program. This program is essentially a Dell power bank that you have to carry around as an external battery.

The reason for this is probably due to how the internal batteries are installed. In older days Dell, the batteries can be changed or switched externally that were usually located behind the laptop. In modern-day XPS laptops, however, the battery is glued inside together with the chassis.

XPS Battery Replacement by Third Party Dell Repair Shop in Singapore

However, all is not lost. While Dell may refuse to service or replace the battery, there are a lot of laptop repair shops that specialize in Dell repairs. You can easily find a replacement battery for your XPS model online and have it shipped to your doorstep for an affordable price. Shopping for a compatible battery has its own risk and you have to use due diligence when deciding to buy the battery. Check the reviews and search online for 9550 owners who have replaced their battery. Ask for their recommendations.

We always suggest customers check in with a local Dell repair store in Singapore. These professional dell repairs shop usually have a list of recommendation and includes installation and battery disposal service. In addition to that, if you are not experienced in battery replacement, it can lead to the risk of fire or inflated battery. Always seek professional help when you’re not sure.