Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix it

Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix it


Macbook computers are a very popular option when it comes to a laptop computer. However like all things, it does have some problems and issues that require attention overtime. It will start to show signs of age over the years when your macbook starts acting strangely and feel sluggish. Macbook repairs are a common solution to this issues. So don’t just go out and get a new macbook simply because your current one isn’t functioning as it should.

Starting up Your Macbook

Whenever you start up your macbook and it fails to start properly or the screen just turns out grey. This means that your macbook did not load all the files needed to startup. Whenever this happens, you may want boot it up in safe mode. What safe mode does is loads the bare minimum of system requirements and software needed to start the computer. At the same time, this will also check the directory files and startup disk to repair any issues that may have happen. In a way, this means that your macbook repairs itself and it is built into the operating system.

Starting your macbook in safe mode is fairly simple. Whenever you start your macbook, you will just need to hold your Shift key. Once the Apple logo transitions into the login screen you can then release it and login as per usual. The login process may take up to a few minutes as the operating system runs diagnostics on your system. If you are uncertain of how the process goes, you may take your macbook to the nearest macbook repair store to help you with this.

Compatible Login Items

Once someone receives their new macbook computer, they tend to install items that they require for the macbook to function to their individual liking. Overtime as system updates happen and compatibility issues arise, things can go wrong. A clear indication of this is when you start your macbook, it will show you a blue screen. Most of the time this means that one of your apps that start automatically when you startup your macbook is not compatible with the current operating system.

What you need to do to solve this issue is to remove that app. However it can be a tedious process if you have many login apps installed on your macbook. To remove apps you will need to go into System Preference > Users and Groups > Login Items. From here you will be able to see all the apps you have that startup when you login. To repair this macbook issue, you will need to remove apps one by one to see if the problem goes away.

Unresponsive Apps

Sometime an application in your macbook may not function correctly and in most cases may cause your system to slowdown or hang all of a sudden. When your computer hangs, you won’t be able to do anything with your computer. There is a function within the operating system which allows you to force quit certain applications. You will need to press Command-Option-Escape. Once it is open you can select the application that you want to quit. You can also select multiple apps to force quit when you want to clear everything out.

These are just some of the common issues out of the many that most people face using a macbook or any other computer. This happens when your computer starts to age and files start to accumulate over use. Certain issues may require proper attention, possibly from a specialist if you are not willing to spend premium prices on Apple’s official service centre. There are many macbook repair stores that do not charge premium prices for their maintenance services.