MacOS Mojave Unique New Features

MacOS Mojave Unique New Features

MacOS Mojave Unique New Features

MacOS is an operating system within the Apple that runs all Macbooks computers. And it constantly receives updates to improve on the user experience with the features. The new Mojave OS has been out for a while now and some may have yet to install them. Being a new update, there are always new additional features which comes with it. Some people may not have updated the OS to the latest Mojave OS yet because they are comfortable working with their current one. If you are still considering updating to the new, here are some of the features to look forwards to.

Dark Mode

As the newest update in the MacOs, some people will be excited to find out that there is Dark Mode now for your operating system. There are certain benefits when using dark mode and the most beneficial would be battery saving. When you are using your computer on its battery often, you will expect to have to replace or repair your macbook battery sooner or later. Dark mode helps in not only saving your battery life but also extending the life of it. Using dark mode is also fairly more pleasant on the eyes when you are using it for longer periods.

To switch to dark mode, it is relatively quick and easy. You may access it from System PreferenceGeneral and select Dark Mode from there. Once done, your operating system background will feel a little darker, which you may like. Certain native apps will also be affected by this and it will give better contrast when you are viewing images.

Dynamic Desktop

Most users don’t pay attention to what their desktop looks like but Mojave now has a dynamic wallpaper added to it where it adjust to the time of the day. The wallpaper displays whether it is day or night. Some may like this feature as it is a great addition to the latest MacOS while some may just think this as a gimmick. Together with the addition of dark mode, your wallpaper will now dynamically shift from day to night wherever you are located.

To enable this feature you can access it by going to System PreferenceDesktop & Screen Saver and select dynamic under the drop down menu option. For now there are only 2 available options for a dynamic desktop. Although limited but at least it is available for those that want a unique desktop experience.


Having many files on your desktop sometimes is unavoidable as most are busy with their work and have hardly any time organising their files. The new update for OS Mojave now helps solve that issue as it helps with quickly organising your files into similar ones. Mojave calls this feature Desktop Stacks and it is a great addition to this updated operating system.

You are able to simply click any empty space on your desktop and a new option will appear called New Stacks. Once you have selected that, all similar files will be stacked together on your desktop making it appear more organised and cleaner.

These improvements are the more significant ones on top of the other minor additions to OS Mojave. Also introduced is a hint of better security improvements on multiple native apps as well as the operating system in general. So if you are still considering upgrading to OS Mojave, you will no doubt be happy of the new update. If you have your macbook away for a servicing or repair, you may notify your macbook repair person to update it to the new OS Mojave. So when it arrives, it will come really brand new with the updated OS Mojave.