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Do you need a Macbook battery replacement? Volta PC Upgrade & Repair is one of the highest rated service for Macbook repair in Singapore. We use Grade A Macbook battery for the battery replacement and warranty is 3-6 months depending on the Macbook battery model. We offer free diagnostic if you are uncertain what is the issue with your Macbook battery. If you send to Apple service center, they may charge you for diagnostic fee.




What is the issue with your Macbook battery?

Before we do Macbook battery replacement, it is best to check if your Macbook is still cover under warranty with Apple. If the warranty is expired, you may consider reputable repair service center Volta PC Upgrade & Repair to replace the Macbook battery for you. We strongly focus on repairing every version of Apple Macbook laptop and computer and getting yours up and running in no time. Our professional staff and experienced technicians will be glad to assist you.
Our customers have given us numerous positive Google reviews, and we always aim to provide our services at competitive prices.

Before we begin, let us look at the issue with your Macbook battery first. Here are some of the common issues our customers are facing with their Macbook Battery.

Bloated Macbook battery

If this is not replaced, the battery may leak, which is a fire hazard. If the corrosive liquid gets onto the MacBook keyboard or the mainboard, they will cause significant damage. The casing may also become deformed due to the bloating, which makes the repair more costly.

Service Now or Replaced now

Your Macbook will have a short battery operating time or you may not be able to charge your MacBook battery. The Macbook might shut down unexpectedly or shut down immediately after unpluging the MacBook charger. This is when it’s time to replace it.

Battery cycle health

Most MacBooks have a 500/1000 charge cycle limit. Every full charge cycle will increase cycle count by 1. If your MacBook battery drains quicker than before, it may be a sign that it is time to replace it soon.

How do I maintain my MacBook battery for optimal performance?

Follow these guidelines to maintain your MacBook battery health:

  1. Cheap power adaptor may compromise battery health. Thus, it is best to use original power adaptor and charging cables to prevent potential harm to your MacBook battery.
  2. Disconnect the power adaptor when the battery reaches 100%. This avoids overcharging your battery.
  3. Refrain from using your MacBook while your Macbook is still charging. Continuous charging and discharging can adversely affect the battery health.
  4. Keep your MacBook away from hot weather. It is best to place your Macbook in room temperature.  You can avoid it by placing next to the window

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your Macbook Battery genuine?

    At Volta PC Upgrade & Repair, fka Budget PC Upgrade and Repair, we use high quality Grade A batteries that are available in Singapore. In our internal testing, we found that these battery specification and quality are about on par with the original Macbook battery that came with the laptops.

  • How long does it takes to replace my Macbook Battery?

    Regarding the time it takes to replace the MacBook battery, it is plausible that it could take 1-2 hours depending on the MacBook model, parts availability, and crowd levels. However, this may vary based on the specific circumstances at the time of the battery replacement.

    If possible, it is recommended to make an appointment with us for quick replacement, but we also accept walk-ins.

  • What is the warranty coverage for my Macbook Battery Replacement with Volta PC Upgrade & Repair?

    Typical warranty coverage is between 3 to 6 months depending on the laptop model. Please Whatsapp us to for specific details.
    For comparison purposes, the repair shops in Singapore generally only offers 30 days warranty.

  • Is It possible to send in my Macbook in for a FREE diagnostic before replacing the Macbook Battery?

    Yes, our diagnostic service is free for out-of-warranty devices. We understand that in some situations, there may be multiple issues with a MacBook, and as a result, our customers would like to have their MacBook diagnosed to determine if it’s worth repairing before replacing the battery.

  • Do I need to backup my data before I send in for Macbook battery replacement?

    If your Macbook powers on normally, replacing the battery will not cause data loss. Furthermore, we do not reformat your data during the Macbook battery replacement. However, if there are other issues, a factory reset might be necessary, which may erases the hard drive data. To safeguard against such situations, regular backups to iCloud are recommended.

  • Do I need to provide password when I send in my Macbook for battery replacement?

    It will be good if you can provide us with your password to check if everything is working well after the battery replacement. However, should you have sensitive data inside and feels uncomfortable about it, you can alway create a guest account for us. Alternatively, you can key in your own password to check the battery after the macbook battery is replaced

  • When should I replace the battery in my MacBook based on the number of charge cycles?

    According to Apple, MacBooks retain approximately 80% of their charge capacity after undergoing 1000 charge cycles, with each cycle being completed when the laptop reaches 100% charge. If you consistently keep your laptop charged at 100%, you can expect a decline in battery performance starting from the third year. However, if you encounter battery problems before reaching 1000 charge cycles, it is advisable to have it examined by a engineer or consider getting a replacement for the Macbook battery.

  • How much to replace macbook battery?

    Our Macbook air battery replacement cost between $135-215
    Macbook Pro battery replacement cost between $125-235
    You can Call us: 69500453 or Whatsapp us: 6569500453 for the latest pricing

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