Forgotten Mac Firmware Password

Forgotten Mac Firmware Password

Before we begin with this article, we just want to point quickly the misconception people have on the firmware password. Firmware is when the Mac first boot into to search for boot record information. It is the firmware where many technicians log into in your Mac to perform tests, diagnose and perform technical maintenance of your computer. For this reason, many people set firmware password to be different from the usual account password used to login into the Mac. You may ask why would anyone set a firmware password when it comes with potentially disastrous consequence? Well it’s for higher security to prevent unauthorised access to settings that may alter your computer behaviour.

With that said however, many people themselves forgotten about the firmware password that they set long time ago. Some may have bought used Mac only to discover that the firmware is locked and all is too late, as the owner is not able to provide or unwilling to co-operate. To be honest, losing access to Mac firmware is a significant problem that are not easy to fix. Nonetheless, all hope is not lost as there are some ways to unlock the firmware. We’ve enlisted two steps that you can do yourself but if you find it too technical or you’re feeling uncomfortable, feel free to contact Macbook repair shops nearby and ask for a quotation to remove these firmware locks!

Disable the Password with Firmware Password Utility

The best way is to first start with how firmware password was enabled in the first place. Most will able to disable the firmware password by simply logging into the recovery mode and disabling it via password utility. However, this may not work for some, especially if they’re on the newer Mac firmware. However if you’re lucky and was able to reset the password, be sure to set a new firmware password that is familiar to you. Make sure to check your keyboard and ensure the CAPS is turned off. As a security measure, it’s best to set a password that you are familiar with and hard to guess. If in doubt, write down the password with the introductory documentation that comes with your Mac for easier reference in the future in case you forgets.

Contact Apple Support 

If the above step doesn’t seem to work, you can contact Apple and have Apple reset the firmware password in your Macbook using special softwares that are only used internally in Apple. You can schedule an appointment with Apple or pay a visit to a local Apple store. To have Apple remove the firmware password, you need to bring together with you proof or purchase or proof of ownership before they can remove the firmware password.

Alternatively you can get a third opinion from some of the specialised Macbook repair nearby. Most of these specialists will be able to bypass the firmware password via hardware bypass. However due to the complexity of such method we recommend you to engage a professional instead of trying to do it yourself.


Prevention is better than cure and this is true if you’re buying a used Mac. Always remember to check if firmware is locked and ask for the password if it’s locked. If the owner is unable to provide you with the password, you should walk away from the deal and find another seller. However if you stuck with a locked firmware, all hope is not lost. Do engage Apple support or Macbook repair professionals to remove the firmware lock at a cost.