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Laptop Screen Repair Singapore Service

Are you facing the following symptoms?

  • Cracked laptop screen
  • Black and white patches on the laptop screen
  • Screen flickering on your laptop
  • Black screen after you power on
  • Pink or pink tint LCD screen
  • Dead pixel and out of warranty LCD screen
  • Backlight bleeding at the edges of the LCD screen
  • Vertical or horizontal stripes appearing on your laptop screen

If this happened to you, you can plug in to an external montior to check. If the laptop recognise the external monitor and does not have the same LCD fault symptoms as laptop, then very likely this is LED LCD screen fault and your LCD screen has to be repair. If you do not have the tools available to check, you can bring your laptop to our shop for a FREE diagnostic or laptop screen repair.




Windows Laptop screen repair Non-touch Screen : Between $165-255

Windows Laptop screen repair Touch screen: Between $235-355

Macbook screen repair: Between $355- 800

Microsoft Surface Pro screen repair: Between $355- $585

Price indicated are for general laptops model.


WhatsApp us 8332 3034 with the following information for a quote



What do we need? 

  • A photo of the LCD screen damage
  • Windows laptops: Provide us the brand & model no. (Sticker label next to keyboard/ Bottom of the laptop/ Remove battery to look for label)
  • Macbook laptops: Provide us the model no., EMC and year or serial no. (Found at the bottom of the Macbook)